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Chris Armstrong Walkthrough ~ Modern Cinderella

You may remember way back in April I played Modern Cinderella for the first time. I wasn’t really impressed from playing the prologue, and gave the game up after playing a few chapters. However I recently saw that they introduced a new character called Chris WHO IS GORGEOUS! So I figured I would give the game another try. So below is my walkthrough which I will be updating as I go. If you know the best answer, please comment below!


Thank you TommyGirl226!!!

  • Could you tell me more about it, Chris? (best)
  • No thanks (best)
  • Sure (best)
  • Buying a beer (best)
  • Get soy milk (best)
  • Just one? (best)
  • I’ll call you over right away (best)
  • I guess I do miss him (best)
  • How have you been? (best)
  • Of course! (best)
  • I’ll go with you (best)
  • Wait just a minute (best)
  • Getting your memory back (best)
  • Don’t listen to him, Chris (Best)

And as always…

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6 thoughts on “Chris Armstrong Walkthrough ~ Modern Cinderella

  1. I have gone a little further, I don’t know the exact chapter but when you get the choice to buy him a beer or ask him to dinner, buying him a beer is the best. Also when at the gym when you order something after a workout getting soy milk is the best option. Hope that helps.

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    1. Lol, if you like Chris’ type, you’d be better off playing Voltage USA’s games through their Lovestruck app.


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