Juuni Taisen Review ~ 12 Characters, 12 Episodes & 12 Degrees of Disappointment

Juuni Taisen instantly captured my attention during the Fall 2017 anime season. I’m always up for weird death games and the fighting animation were pretty impressive. However as I continued to watch the series, I quickly became aware that it was a one trick pony. This series which had a lot of fun potential, tripped over its own feet and the audience ended up with a bland series where we just waited to see which character would die next. A bit more thought into the series could have made this a front runner for 2017 and ultimately would have made the twist at the end more palatable. Below, I’ve listed my 12 reasons why I was disappointed with this series. I hope you enjoy reading them (apologies for my rude language in advance!)

Disappointments below contain massive spoilers! Read at your own risk. 

Death Flags! If a character has a backstory 9/10 they’ll die that episode!

Really boring backstories – So of course we get shown about 20 minutes of backstory per episode so we actually feel bad when the character dies. Except we really don’t. The backstories add nothing to the character except to show what a good fighter they are. I mean heck with Monkey’s we knew she was a good person, her backstory just lathered it on. If you’re going to use backstories use them in a way that actually makes the character more interesting ,rather than just an awful attempt to make an audience care about them and then kill them off!

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Every Female Character’s outfit – This is some real piss poor effort at fan service. It’s a fight to the death, and what are 2/3 female characters wearing? Bikinis. Yep pretty much just wearing a bikini. The other 8/9 boys are wearing full armour / body suits, except bunny chan who is just walking around in a speedo, but he’s pretty much insane.

While I’m on the ladies, why is every shot of Tiger from her ass? – So yes I know that tiger girl fights on all fours and you just love getting a shot from behind of her leaning forward. That’s cool once or twice, but hey it gets real old real fast when you do that in every scene and her ass check is covering half the screen.

That weird one-sided romance with Ox & Tiger – I don’t really understand why they included their weird plot point? Like oh they met once and Tiger got a crush cause he was cool. Sweet, why have 2 episodes on it?

Juuni Taisen Ox Tora Romance.jpg

Monkey’s Death – So she’s fighting Bunny chan, and she jumps behind him, and gets stabbed cause Bunny chan flips his swords around to face the back. And Monkey is all like “OOOH MASTER TECHNIQUE”. Girl that wasn’t a master technique IT WAS FLIP OF  THE WRIST!

Just pretty much everyone dying in pathetic ways – So we got Horsey dying from being too scared and suffocating, freaking Monkey who is a fighting master from a flip and goddamn snake from not looking at his enemy.


I mean why is everyone underestimating each other in a death game!? – YES THIS IS THE WORST THING ABOUT THIS SERIES. These characters are literally at war with one another, they know that the other fighters should be TRAINED WARRIORS. But what do half the characters do “oooh she looks weak, I’ll just trick her and kill her”, I’m looking at you Baa Baa old man and Doggy. Pathetic.

Bunny Chan never got a back story!? – Yeah the most interesting character in the entire series didn’t get a backstory


But the twins GOT TWO!? – INCLUDING THE SIBLING THAT DIED BEFORE THE GAME EVEN STARTED. Also their backstory pretty much consisted of them acting like complete twats.

I’m so confused on how this game works – So the first episode explained the game as ‘you fight here so there’s no wars’ and another episode featured people betting on the winner. So if there’s no wars, why are the character back story’s showing them fighting in wars. What is the betting purpose? What is going on!?


Rat Boy the Edge Lord –  I get it, it sucks being 16 years old and being forced into life and death situations. But gosh this kid could lighten up a bit! He literally spent the entire series mopping about, criticising all the adults for trying their hardest to make the best of an awful situation. THEN swoops in and wins the entire thing. Ugh!



7 thoughts on “Juuni Taisen Review ~ 12 Characters, 12 Episodes & 12 Degrees of Disappointment

  1. Hard to argue with any of those points. I kind of liked Rat but that was mostly due to lack of other intriguing options in this series as I mostly hated every other character (or they died before I even formed an opinion). Thanks for sharing your thoughts on the series.

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    1. I 100% agree, it’s so hard to get into these killing anime if you don’t have a character you like. I think it was the same for me with Ousama game, I didn’t care about anyone so it was hard to actually enjoy the tension they were trying to create in both these series.

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  2. Lol..I think it’s pretty clear that you didn’t like this series. Well at least you made a really fun to read post out of it. I guess we just can’t win them all unfortunately. Definitely going to skip this anime, but as I said highly enjoyed your post for it 😊😊

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  3. And there you have it folks, 12 valid reasons why to avoid this show. I still have the last episode to watch, but after Boar died, I lost interest.

    That was episode one. Such a formulaic, predictable, disappointing ride.

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