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1st Degree Demo Review ~ Someone Has Been a Bad Bad Boy!

1st Degree is an upcoming murder-mystery BL game by Indie developers Parival Games. This is the first game by Parival Games and gosh I can’t wait to see what they have in store for the future! Just playing the demo for this game was so much fun! In the game you play as part-time forensics expert, part-time serial killer Rei. Rei is imitating the crimes of the infamous ‘Doctor’ to help catch him. The demo is quite short, should only take 20 minutes to go through as you unlock 7-8 CGs. The full game will have four romance options (including a threesome route!), 12-14 endings and close to 50 CGs!

1st Degree BL game Rei and Aiden.jpg

The game is a visual novel but there are some interesting game mechanics. As with all visual novels there are dialogue/ action options you can choose, however some will have a timer and require quick thinking. Options can decide whether your murderous activities are uncovered or not and who you end up romancing – so choose wisely! The game also has a ‘mobile phone’ where other characters call and text Rei, at the moment there isn’t much you can explore with these actions,  but I’m sure they’ll be built upon in the full version. Through the mobile you can also access a glossary which is really helpful to keep up with all the medical terms!

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The cast of wonderful (and sometimes crazy) characters truly make this story a joy to read. There’s the cool and suave cop, a flirtatious ex-lover, a sweet student and devious twins. As Rei we have to navigate his often complex relationships – who would we let close to us and who should we hold at arms distance? Ultimately – who can Rei trust not to find out his secret? The voice acting is incredible, and the character designs are gorgeous – especially the CGs! As we read through this gripping story, we fall in love with these gorgeous men, and pray to the yaoi gods that Rei doesn’t feel the need to slice them up!

1st Degree BL Minami Game.jpg

The demo gave me a tantalising look into what the full game will be like. Ahh, it’s almost torture to wait for the full game! From the fun characters, to the fantastic music & voice acting right down to the gorgeous background art – 1st Degree is setting itself up as a phenomenal game. The full game will be released in late 2018 or early 2019, in the mean time make sure to download the demo and get your look into the mind of a sexy killer!

You can download the demo for both Mac and Windows over here. Make sure to follow Parival Games on Facebook, Insta, Tumblr and Twitter! The wonderful team is also working on an online store for fans to buy goodies such as the mousepad below. In the meantime if there’s any add ons you’re interested on (from their Kickstarter page) you can send them an email at to buy it! You can also chat with the team and other fans over at Discord!

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