Doki Doki Crate Review ~ Kawaii Care Package to your Door!

After my incredible experience with Yume Twins, I’ve been wanting to try another monthly crate. I really adore the idea of each month getting a surprise gift for yourself! I signed ups to the Doki Doki emails a while back, and during Black Friday saw that they had a special promotion going on – get 1 crate free for any subscription package you chose. I ended up choosing the month by month one, so I ended up getting 2 crates for $30. I did end up cancelling my subscription to Doki Doki crate after this experience, not that there was anything inherently awful about it, but it just lacked a ‘wow’ factor.

Doki Doki Crate November December 2017.jpg

So as I mentioned before I ordered my crate in mid-November, I must have missed the first wave shipment cut off because my crate didn’t arrive until the end of December! It was quite frustrating waiting around for the crate, the only information I received was when it was shipped it would take 2-4 weeks and to only contact them after 6 weeks had passed and no crate. Since the shipping is included in the $30 price tag I assumed I wouldn’t get a tracking number, but I would have been nice if it could be an add on. Australian post is notorious for loosing items! I received both my boxes together. One thing I will note is that the box only has one very small bit of sticky tape holding it closed. It is quite secure but just a bit more sticky tape on the edges would prevent any issues like items coming out or tampering.

Doki Doki Crate November Feast 2017 review.jpg
The November ‘Feast’ Crate

Now onto the items! I received the boxes for November and December, with the themes ‘Feast’ and ‘Happy Holidays’ respectively. The November crate came with a tote bag, a Rilakuma face cloth, squish fake bread, a Hello Kitty mould, a tempura cat, their signature slime dressed as a turkey and a food tray. I really enjoyed the squishy fake bread, I’ve things like it on youtube and know people go crazy over how quickly you can squeeze it and it returns to normal shape. It seemed to be quite good quality. I also thought the tempura cat and face cloth were very cute. I wasn’t very fussed about the slime, it didn’t look very cute and I was a bit confused about the Kumamon food tray. It kinda looks like something a child would use, and the cavities aren’t even deep enough that I can use it for my cat’s food.


For December there was a dolphin neck pillow, a Christmas wreath brooch, puppy keychain, gudetama blind box, Hello kitty compact mirror and some Sanrio stationary. I really loved the dolphin neck pillow and will definitely be using it in future. I’m a little unsure about the stationary, as cute as it is, it looks a little cheap and seriously just one very thing and small highlighter!? The gudetama blind box was quite cute, and probably the most Christmas-thing (besides the wreath) there! If I didn’t know the theme I wouldn’t have guessed it was about the holidays.

Doki Doki Crate December Happy Holidays Crate Review
The December ‘Happy Holidays’ Crate

Overall I have mixed feelings about the Doki Doki Crate. When I received the Yume Twins one, the booklets were really interesting to read – pictures of past crates from Instagram and also the different variations of items you could get. It was fun seeing which item out of a set you got. For the Doki Doki Crate there were pretty much no variations, I think in both boxes only the tempura cat and obviously the Gudetama had variations. So everyone got the same stock standard box. Like I mentioned with the Kumamon food tray, and probably can be applied to the Hello Kitty mirror and Sanrio stationary, it felt a bit childish. Like gifts you would give a 5-7 year old rather than use as an adult. In saying that there were some really fun items like the dolphin pillow and tempura cat but besides that, unfortunately the items in these two crates were either childish or slightly mediocre.

If you are interested in trying Doki Doki crate I highly recommend signing up to their email list. Every month or so they seem to have some sort of promotion whether it’s getting some extra items or even a free crate!

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13 thoughts on “Doki Doki Crate Review ~ Kawaii Care Package to your Door!

  1. I’m not a big fan of subscription boxes don’t feel like you get your monies from videos I’ve watched. But I love that dolphin neck pillow they’re my favourite anime so I’m very jealous lol

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  2. I have been tempted by starting subscription boxes for quite some time now, but honestly I already have way too much stuff that I know what to do with, so I have resisted it so far 😂 This one looks like fun though, contains some very nice items 😀

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  3. Always interested to see what you get in these monthly crates. I think my wife would probably kill me if I signed up to get randomly assorted kawaii junk sent to my house every month, so I have to live vicariously through posts like this 🙂

    That neck pillow looks comfy, I want one!

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    1. Haha! My parents were definitely not impressed when they saw my already cluttered room filled up even more. The neck pillow is so nice, will definitely be bringing it on future travels 🙂


      1. I actually have purchased two of their boxes and reviewed them as well! Nonetheless, it would be great if Doki Doki could start shipping to India as welll hahha


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