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Outlander: Fantastic Princess Review ~ Princess, Student…Time Traveller!?

Outlander: Fantastic Princess is a free mobile otome game by Catcap studios. The game was released way back in 2016, but I only just heard about it on otome amino. In the game you play as a young girl in the 21st century, who falls asleep while studying for her exams. One of the books on her desk houses an ancient creature who is awakened by her presence. The creature, Kirin, takes her back to Ancient China where she re-awakens in her ancestor’s body. The good news – she’s a princess, the bad news – her brother’s rule has just been overthrown. She’s about to be attacked by Shadowmort, with a name like that you can be he’s the bad guy, but her trust knight Lancelot saves her. She’s instructed to collect pieces of a special plate that can be used to seal Shadowmort and restore order to the world. On her travels she meets new, rather handsome, friends and may even fall in love!

Outlander Fantastic Princess fighting.jpg

The game is pretty straightforward, there’s 10 levels you must complete to finish the game. The levels get progressively harder with new foes. Each stage contains a visual novel section and a fighting sequences. Unfortunately in the fighting sequences but there isn’t much you can do besides choosing who will fight. You pretty much just have to sit back and watch. After each fight you receive money and a combination of and/ or an item and a strength orb. Strength orbs can be used to boost a character’s stats and affection. If a character gets hurt or dies you can heal them by touching on black spots in a special segment *huhu* or upgrade them to increase their level & heal them.

Outlander Fantastic Princess Lancelot Healing.jpg

Besides saving China, the aim of the game is also to get a beau at the end of it. There are twelve romance-able options, eleven of these are free while Shadowmort’s route can be bought for $10. Peak affection is achieved at 120 points which is when the guy will also give you a special outfit to wear. Affection points can be gained through strength orbs, special cut scenes and giving him items. Cuts scenes are littered throughout the game and most of the time you will get CG with them, an example of a cut scene could be “who will you explore the market with?” and you can choose which guy.

Overall I was quite impressed with this game, especially since it was free. The story was intriguing, there were so many guys and some really interesting game mechanics. On top of what I’ve already mentioned there are some mini-games available such as a matching game, and a hot-spring where you can spend time with your babe to increase your energy. A massive plus of the game is that it can be played offline! Initially, playing the game I was quite surprised that I had not heard of the game before and that it wasn’t more widely celebrated. I’ve always wanted an otome game with some fighting aspects and the art is absolutely gorgeous. However there are some aspects that really prevent this game from being as incredible as it should be.

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The most obvious issue with the game is there is little to no reply value. I had initially aimed to play 4-5 routes of this game before I wrote this review, but stopped halfway through my third – because there was no point. Regardless of which guy you aim for you just continually repeat the same story with just a few different lines of script from those cut scenes. This gets incredibly tiresome, especially when you have to grind levels to get enough exp to level up your heroes. This can be also frustrating with the ending of the game as you get one of two choices, but you’d have to replay the entire game to check out the second choice.

A smaller issue with the game was the translations, they weren’t awful but they could be jarring at times. For example there is a level called ‘frightening at the great lake’ which I assume is meant to meaning ‘fighting at the great lake’ and at times Shadowmort’s name is spelt as ‘Shadowevil’. I also question the translators choice to not keep the traditional Chinese names and spell them in pinyin. Instead we get really Western names like ‘Lancelot’ and ‘Gabriel’ appear in a story set in Ancient China.

Outlander Fantastic Princess Lothar CG.jpg

Overall Outlander Princess is a game that could have been great but just misses the mark. It’s fine if you want something to pass the time, and at least one play through is worth the effort. However if you are a completionist at heart this is not the game for you. I would love to see this game get some TLC by the developer’s but as it was released so long ago that doesn’t look like it will be happening. Despite the negatives, the game does have some really fun features and lovely graphics. Overall I gave the game a 7/10

Some Recommendations 

If you are interested in playing Outlander Princess here are some tips I have!

  • Choose which guy you’d like to romance early on and stick with him! You can only have one ending so no points romancing multiple guys, and also make sure that his affection levels are always the highest as some cut scenes require that. This website was really useful to see what items the guy likes & what options to choose for cutscenes.
  • Keep the fighting combo notes in mind. When you fight some characters will have a fighting combo together, you can design your team to make full advantage of it. For example one great team I had was Storm/Yee and Cana/Gabriel. Make sure not to have one character with 2 combo options as one will be cancelled for example don’t have Storm, Yee and Lancelot on a team as there are fighting combos Storm/Yee and Storm/Lancelot which will be cancelled out.
  • As you probably won’t be playing the game more than 2 or 3 times make sure to use your items. I ended up hoarding them and have soo many health jars and stuff!
  • It’s always better to upgrade than to heal. Healing is just to get some eye candy but ultimately is a waste of money. If you’re not at the right level to upgrade, grind, grind, grind!
  • The game doesn’t feature a bad ending, but it does have a neutral one if you’re affection points aren’t high enough – make sure to aim for 120!  Also wear the outfit the guy gave you to get his ending.
  • If you are thinking of romancing Lothar, I recommend doing him first!

I hope this helps and you enjoyed reading my review. To keep up to date with all my posts make sure to follow me with your email address or WP account!