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Uta no Prince Sama: Shining Live Review ~ I’m Already in Love!

Hello~! Earlier this afternoon (Sydney time) Klab Games Station answered all our otome prayers by releasing Uta no Prince Sama: Shining Live in English and Chinese. You may have seen my rushed announcement post I wrote from my work toilet cubicle – I literally ran from my desk trying not to scream in excitement. For those of you who haven’t heard of Utapri, or are just a bit overwhelmed by all the guys & graphics, lemme break it down for you. Utapri is essentially a rhythm game with some otome features. You essentially help out a boy band with their live shows. You can collect characters, level them up and follow them through main and side stories.

Uta no Prince Sama Shining Live Prologue English.jpeg

Once you’ve downloaded the game (completely free on Android and iOS!), you’re taken through the prologue/ tutorial. You’ll get a quick run down on how to play the rhythm game – which just involves tapping, holding and swiping. Then you’ll have to do the awful task of choosing one of those gorgeous babes as your favourite boy. Thankfully, you can change your choice later! Then you can start reading the main story, as I mentioned above there’s main stories and side stories. To read either of them you need to complete lives to gain tickets. To unlock new lives/songs you need to read the stories, and the wheel goes round and round.

Uta No Prince Sama Shining Live Boys.jpg

As you progress through the story you can also unlock special pictures of the guys. These can be obtained through a gatcha-like mechanism. The Klab team has very kindly given new players an SR gatcha coupon for the guy of our choice, so make sure to cash that in! Otherwise pics range from R to UR. As you complete lives pictures/guys increase in level, thus allowing you to get higher scores in the lives. This is really important as without levelling up the guys, no matter how good you do in the lives, you won’t get a good score!

Uta no Prince Sama live clear.jpeg

The ‘otome’ aspect of the game is from the best boy you picked. On your home screen you can interact with him by tapping on him. As you tap the boy responds with special voice clips, you can unlock more as you play. You can even unlock special costumes for him to wear! There’s a special portrait mode you can have closer interactions with and you can even take pictures with your babe.

Uta no Prince Sama Camera Mode Cat.JPG

For players of the Japanese version, there’s seems to be a data transfer system on the login screen, but I haven’t tried it out. For new fans who are worried about having missed out on Japanese Events, never fear KLab has you covered. A few days ago they released the following tweet about ensuring Japanese and English/Chinese versions will follow the same event schedule and they will look into ways to introduce past events to the English/Chinese version.

Final Thoughts

Utano PrinceSama interacting with the guy.jpeg
I will pet you forever!

I gotta be honest when I first saw this being advertise and people getting excited about it on Twitter, I wasn’t 100% buying into the hype. However, after playing the game I can say, it’s actually pretty fantastic! The animations are fluid and flawless, graphics gorgeous and the songs poppy and fun. It’s just one of those games you can play whenever and wherever, that will always bring a smile to your face. I’m so excited that the game is now available to play in English, and I can’t wait to fall even more in love with this gorgeous cast of characters!

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  1. This looks like a reskin of KLab’s Love Live game, which is absolutely fine because that was really good aside from a rather stingy LP limit. Good to see the otome game fans getting a game of this type to enjoy too!

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