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Utano Prince Sama:Shining Live Has Been Released in English

Utano Prince Sama has just been released in English. The game is available on both android and iOS. The game was released in Japan in August last year and was immensely popular. It was only a few weeks ago that the developers announced that they would be translating the game for English and Chinese audiences.

Unfortunately I’m at work right now so I can’t play the game 😩😭 but the game is a rhythm game focused around a boy band. It seems very similar to the love live rhythm game where you help recruit new members. In utapri you can also host photo shoots and there seems to be a special touch feature.

Sorry this post is so short! I ran from my desk to the bathroom to type this out. I’m just so so excited. I’ll post a more comprehensive overview when I get home and get a chance to play it. In the meantime I’ll just follow the twitter hype surrounding the release

6 thoughts on “Utano Prince Sama:Shining Live Has Been Released in English

  1. Haha: of course you can play at work. You just have to tell your boss that you have a very important meeting, and that it’s off work. Then run straight home, and you can play: easy as pie lol 😂😂
    Seriously though, love your enthusiasm: I hope you will enjoy playing the game and it lives up to your expectations for it 😊😊

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    1. LMFAO! It’s a personal emergency boss, I gotta go! Thanks, so far it’s been pretty great, but there’s a lot of little bits and pieces that aren’t explained that I’m a little confused about. Time to research some online guides >_<

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