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Red Huber Walkthrough ~ Lost Alice: Shall We Date?

Shall we date Lost Alice has just released their newest character – Red Huber. The character is the first in a new trio which includes Hansel and one mysterious figure. The new ‘chapter’ seems to be based on the Grimm fairy tales with Alice being taken out of Wonderland. To be honest I actually thought the Spinner of Tales would be the last character for this series! I’m pretty happy they’ve continued the story on.

I’ll be writing my Walkthrough as I go. As always if you know the best answer please comment down below! In the meantime here’s my other Walkthrough and summaries I’ve done for the game.

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Special: The Sweetest Pleasure Spin Off

A Sweet Night with my Love Spin Off


Thank you Mack, Destiny & Susan!

  • Tried talking to him (Best)
  • I want to stay to see what happens (best)
  • Why didn’t he come himself (best)
  • Are you alright, Red? (Best)
  • Okay, I’ll have Red accompany me (Best)
  • I still don’t like sleeping outdoors (Best)
  • You should smile more often (Best)
  • Obey Red (Best)
  • Don’t touch me! (Best)
  • There’s no need for that (best)
  • Thanks (best)
  • It is what happens after that is important (best)
  • I’m fine now (best)
  • I’ll meet King Grim (best)
  • What is it you want to ask me? (Best)
  • Thank you (best)
  • Calm down a minute Red! (Best)
  • I guess it can’t be helped (best)
  • I’m worried about Red… (best)
  • …I’m glad (best)
  • Why not? (best)
  • I love how honest you are (best)

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