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Yep! The Mystic Messenger Pics are Changing!

As many Mystic Messenger fans gear up for a special route release tomorrow, Cheritz has sneakily given us a secret present. Cheritz is currently going through old CGs, namely event CGs, and changing them! Yep, you remember those awful CGs from Christmas, Valentine’s and to some extent April Fool’s? They’re now just a bad dream as Cheritz goes through and redesigns all of them.

Zen Valentines changed picture

The changes weren’t actually meant to be secret, but in a statement from Cheritz they explained there was a miscommunication. As such, no one in their team had organised to make an announcement on social media. Which, fair enough, their busy with the new route! In future they will announce which pictures will be changed beforehand.

So how much have the pictures actually changed?

I know it’s easy for me to complain about art that I didn’t do. But players of Mystic Messenger have come to expect a very high standard of gameplay, story and design. To be honest when I first got the Christmas Christmas CG I thought it was a prank. It looked like it was from a completely different game, and was just so disappointing. Especially since for special events you need to unlock them with hourglasses (which some players pay for!)

You can compared the above Valentines pictures of 707 to the updated image below them. Completely different right!?

I also just want to make a note to really thank Cheritz for listening to the community on this issue. It is something many fans of Mystic Messenger have spoken out about. I can’t begin to image the stressful process it would have been to changing this images. From finding a new artist to jumping through polite hoops with the old one as you let them know their stuff will no longer be part of the Mystic Messenger project. So while the previous artist did not fit into MM I do wish them all the best in the future!

But for now the fandom can breath a slight sigh of relief! We can actually start looking forward to potential events again, without the fear of wasting our hour glasses. See you all tomorrow when Ray’s route comes out.

7 thoughts on “Yep! The Mystic Messenger Pics are Changing!

  1. Wow, nice catch and yes finally! I thought those sub-par CG’s were here to stay so it’s really incredible that they’ve listened to us and are changing them. I love the new ones way more, wow. Finally these stories are getting the deserved art they should’ve had since the start.

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  2. I really appreciate how Cheritz listens to what the players want. A lot of other developers don’t do that, especially with the international fandom, so it’s a breath of fresh air with Cheritz.

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