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That Which Binds Us ~ Otome Demo Review

‘That Which Binds Us’ is an upcoming otome game by Mikomi Kisomi. This will be  Mikomi Kisomi’s fourth game, with their other games dealing with complex topics such as mental illness and friendships. In this game you play as a 26 year old retail worker who is at wits end. Her boyfriend can’t seem to stop getting into trouble! When she’s out with a friend, she gets a call saying he’s been arrested yet again and needs her to bail her out. Her friend recommends a certain bail place, and it turns out that the bail place doesn’t just bail you out of jail, it can also bail you out of unwanted relationships.

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The game is a visual novel, and from the demo the way to select choices is pretty straight forward. Our main character seems interesting enough. The demo was only about 5-10 minutes long so some of my observations may not reflect the entire game.  I didn’t get a chance to know the characters too well,  but I didn’t immediately like the MC, in the opening scenes she seemed a bit snappy and harsh towards her ‘friend’. I’ve also noticed that the MC seems to be frowning heaps, and it just continues to make her look a bit…unfriendly?  But on the flip side I can see how the creators’ are going through a character who is really stressed out from her boyfriend’s actions and isn’t in the mood to deal with gossipy co-workers.

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But despite that, the game introduced us to an interesting concept. I’m really excited to see if our MC will take the mysterious bondsman up on his offer, or will she continue to suffer with her boyfriend’s wilful nature. I’m very excited to see what this game will be like in its completion!

You can download the demo and keep up with developer updates over here!

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