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Sebastian Moran Walkthrough ~ Guard Me, Sherlock! Shall we Date?

I’ve really been powering through the new Shall We Date games! Some of them have been lots of fun (Love Tangle), while others have been a bit blah (Modern Cinderella). I’ve heard lots of positive things about ‘Guard me, Sherlock!’ – really beautiful CGs, fun story and some puzzle solving. However, I was a little disappointed when I heard it had been moved to the graveyard, and no more updates were planned. So image my surprise and happiness when I saw an entirely new route was released! Sebastian is one of Moriarty’s bros, and I gotta say, I’m going into this route kind of blind as I haven’t played any other route.

Guard me Sherlock Sebastian Moran walkthrough.jpg

As always if you know the correct answers please comment down below! Also just an FYI, I am SUPER bad at brain teasers and puzzles so 10/10 chance I won’t get the correct answer – any help is VERY appreciated.


  • I can’t believe it… (good)
  • Talk to the onlookers (best)
  • 35 seconds (correct!)
  • Sebastian Moran (best)
  • What do you think, Moran? (best)