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Your Royal Gayness ~ Rule a Country & Find a Man!

Lizard Hazard Games has just released their debut game ‘Your Royal Gayness’. In the game you play as Prince Amir, crown prince to the kingdom of Al-Marahij. Life is hard enough as a closeted prince, but it’s about whole lot harder. Amir’s parents decide to go on a two month holiday and leave him in charge of the whole country. Prince Amir must juggle the nagging nobles, the happiness of the people and diplomatic relationships – praying that the county won’t burn to the ground in his parent’s abscence.

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The game has a few very fun features to help us navigate Amir to the end of the month. Each day we can plan out Amir’s orders to his advisors – for example we can get the magician to create a potion to make Amir seem more heterosexual or our trusty Spy Master to spy on some handsome princes in other countries. Prince Amir also holds court where advisors or subjects come to us for help. Our choices influence the kingdom’s wealth, military power and the loyalty of nobles. The nobles is particularly important as Amir relies on their loyalty to begin to implement important laws such as legalising equal marriage.

Balancing all of this is the real skill aspect of the game. On my first playthrough, I really struggled to build loyalty points with the nobles as to do so sometimes requires ethically dubious decisions. For example I lost about 30-40 loyalty points after declaring that a nobleman must go to jail for stealing from our treasury! This forces players to question the type of ruler that we want Amir to be, and do we hold off on immediate justice to get some later down the road?

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Prince Amir must also bat away princesses that seek his hand in marriage. Princesses hound Prince Amir almost every day, and you must carefully devise lies (or completely wing it) to put them off. The hardest part of this, is if the princess sees through your lie, suspicion is aroused and Amir may be outed! This is where our very trusted Spymaster comes in. Our spymaster can report on Princess’ likes and dislike sand you can use them to formulate your sentences. As mentioned above, the spymaster also spies on other princes. After all, being a royal isn’t all serious business! You have to carefully weigh up the information given to you, to see if you want to try to set up a date with another prince. It’s quite a terrifying prospect – you have to be 100% sure that the Prince is also interested in men otherwise it spells disaster for you.

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I will say that for this game, romance was minimal and interactions with your chosen babe is small. I see this as Your Royal Gayness is not really a romance game, but rather a game trying to replicate the LGBT experience. From the fears surrounding being ‘outed’, trying to appear as heterosexual as possible and dreaming for equality. Some smaller comments about the game include; it’s impossible to do more than one ‘law’ path per playthrough [which is annoying when you want to be the best king ever], the game can get a little slow and ‘court’ gets a little tedious.

Overall I did find Your Royal Gayness to be quite an enjoyable game. The advisors and Prince Amir were quite fun characters, that always made me smile with their antics. I would have liked a little bit more romance and also some CGs. The art is quite lovely, and I like how you can unlock new outfits for Amir. This is quite a fun debut game by Lizard Hazard Games and I’m excited to see what they have in store for the future!

You can download the game over here on Steam and over here, and check out Lizard Hazard Games over here!

A massive thank you to Lizard Hazard Games for providing me with a copy of the game to review!

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