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Lake of Voices Demo Review ~ It’s Dark, It’s Creepy, but wait! Is that a cute guy I have to protect!?

Today’s Indie Developer Feature is for ‘Lake of Voices’ an upcoming game by GB Patch. A few months ago I reviewed a game called XOXO Droplets by GB Patch. The game was quite unique, as a dating sim, our MC romanced guys who weren’t exactly Disney princes. Soon after I did that review I heard that they were beginning work on another otome game, one that they teased would have horror elements. I was PUMPED! So for the last few months, I’ve been crossing my fingers and refreshing Twitter and thankfully my prayers have been answered. Let me introduce you to GB Patch’s latest game ‘Lake of Voices’!

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In ‘Lake of Voices’ you play as Kikka, a soldier who is travelling across Lake Sinnlos toward a town in need. She travels with her knight friend, Bemelle, a stranger Margaret, and the strange and rather uncaring guide. Before even starting on the journey, the trio are warned that one of them will die during the crossing. Kikka makes a vow that over the next two days she will do everything in her power to protect the people she travels with. But how can she fight against an entire lake filled with creepy creatures and nefarious magic?

‘Lake of Voices’ is a Visual Novel, the choices you make decides who lives and who dies. There are three types of choices in the game – story based choices, affection choices and quick thinking choices. Quick thinking choices are particularly ‘fun’, as there’s a time limit and you have to choose whatever option will protect you and your group. The demo took me about 20 minutes to playthrough once, ok actually 2 minutes because I got a bad ending the first time, but let’s not count that. After that you can go through and collect 12 CGs that are linked to different choice options.

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I have to say I was incredibly impressed by Lake of Voices. First off, it was such a different feel and atmosphere to XOXO Droplets. Especially the art, which is completely different! It’s very exciting to see such a versatile games studio. One thing I will make a particular note on is the music, which I feel really makes the game. It’s eerie, and mixed with strange voices that really immerse you into the game. I highly recommend checking this game out, while it is a horror game don’t expect jump scares, it’s more just an unsettling feeling (which I personally think is the better type of horror). I’m so so excited to see the full game once it is released! The full game is expected to be released in August 2018.

You can download the game over here at Itch.Io and support it on Kickstarter here!

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