An Otaku’s Guide to Surviving Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is either just another day or the worst day of the year. At least, that’s the generally consensus amongst my single female group of friends. Some couldn’t careless but a few have confided in me they spend the day crying in their room. But I feel a lot of people get caught up in the idea that Valentine’s is ONLY for lovers, rather than it being a day about love in general. People don’t really celebrate love you can have for friends, family and most importantly yourself. So to celebrate some self-love, here’s Two Happy Cat’s Guide to treating yourself this Valentine’s Day!


Check Out Some Cute/Funny Games!

Mischief to Couple after

I’ve written about this game, but dear me, if it isn’t perfect for Valentine’s Day. ‘Mischief to Couple‘ is a hilarious short and free mobile game where you break up happy couples. It’s a very simple tapping game and can be played while you chill out in bed with a nice hot chocolate or cup of tea! The illustrations are hilarious and I gotta admit I do feel very giddy destroying those happy couples.

Mandrake Boys Kado Doran

Other fun games I recommend are Mandrake Boys / Mandrake Girls, where you collect really lovely images of gorgeous guys/girls. I personally find the game to be very relaxing. It’s very exciting when you uncover a rare mandrake and all the stories associated with each set are very sweet and heartwarming.


If you want to play something a bit longer, I recommend maybe checking out a dating sim. Hey, if you’re feeling a little lonely, there’s nothing like a 2D waifu/husbando to put a smile on your face. If you haven’t played dating sims before, I recommend going with Hatoful Boyfriend. It sounds very silly – you date pigeons – but it does have quite a gripping story behind the bird veneer!

Do Some Binge-Watching!

So this is an anime blog, so let’s start with that! I recommend checking out Netjuu no Susume, it is a romance anime so it may make you feel some lonely feels, but it’s still really funny! If instead of some love you just want to watch something more singular but still heart-warming check out She and Her Cat .For some great, and often pervy, laughs 10/10 gotta recommend Prison School.

Net-juu no Susume

Besides anime, I also recommend finding a really nice youtube channel to binge! There are some really great Aniblogger’s who have youtube accounts as well like Gigi Palooza and Lita! I also really like watching a channel called ‘The Crane Couple’, they play a lot of Arcade games and they’re Japan Vlogs are incredible! Just generally try to find some youtubers who produce content you enjoy but also are very positive!

Eat Some Good Food!

Ok so not really Otaku related, but I just wanted to recommend you to finish off you day with a REALLY nice meal. I mean you don’t have to go to a fancy restaurant but eat something you reserve for special occasions – get a pizza, kfc, or order some delivery. Perhaps don’t leave the house, you’ll have to battle through all the couples going out to romantic dinners, but hey put on some Netflix, eat your pizza, and have a great night!


I hope you enjoyed reading this post. I know it’s been a little silly, but the main idea that I wanted to put across was that being alone on Valentine’s isn’t the end of the world. Spend today having a good time either by yourself with friends or family. The most important kind of love is loving yourself. So Happy Valentine’s Day!



13 thoughts on “An Otaku’s Guide to Surviving Valentine’s Day

  1. This was not silly at all. It was just a great and fun post and it really made me smile. I am single and have been for a very long time now. And I am pretty much always happy when the day is over again. It’s not that I hate it, it just confronts me more with that feeling of lonelyness I sometimes have. But this post did give some cool advice…reckon besides working I’m going to do that anime binge watch. 😊

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    1. Thank you for your kind words Rais! Valentines is definitely a rough day to get through, I had work too and seeing some co-workers get chocolates and flowers was a bit hard. I hope you enjoyed the anime binge watch ☺️ happy valentines from me ❤️!

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      1. This day is always hard. I can definitely relate with you on that. May sound strange but I honestly would just rather spent it in bed all day with the covers over my head. But yeah, it’s almost over luckily. Just another normal day tomorrow. Gonna start the bingewatch after I have catched up with today’s comments and posts 😊😊 Happy Valentine’s Day to you as well ❤️


  2. I really enjoyed this post! I actually downloaded Mischief to Couple based on your recommendation because it looks utterly hilarious. Thank you so much for sharing this and encouraging others not to let a day about love get them down!

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  3. Omfg I have to dl that breaking couples game it sounds like a riot 😹😹👌
    Valentine’s day doesn’t bother me, but then in my country it isn’t a big deal, I feel maybe US residents have a bigger focus on it but it sucks that it makes so many sad or miserable. We should love ourselves and be our own lovers first, so take yourself for a date 😄

    Now to go download Mischief to Couple and maybe the mandrake boys 👀👀👌

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    1. Yeah I reckon it’s about medium-sized celebration in Australia, it’s not crazy but there are people at the train station selling roses and chocolates and the stores really push all the Valentines merch.

      I hope you enjoy them! Honestly Mischief to Couple is one of my fave games, but it’s really short ;_;


      1. There’s valentine’s things here but it’s smaller scale, you wouldn’t find it being sold everywhere, but certain shops do cater with valentine themed things.

        Thanks, I’m dling rn 👀👌👌

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  4. Lol! This was fun to read and you’re right, I’ve noticed the major focus of valentine’s day seems to be on romantic relationships and then there’s me who’s like hey i love my mom imma get her something and we’re going to go hang out together :”D also i take any excuse to go eat some food~

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