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Miraclr: Divine Dating Sim is Back with a Holy Update!

About two months I checked out a new Indie dating sim available on my phone. I had no idea what to expect going into, except the general idea that it was Mystic Messenger with angels. That game was Miraclr: Divine Dating Sim by Woodsy StudiosIn my review of the game, I wrote that the game had some really fantastic ideas, but unfortunately technical issues stopped it from being a truly great game. However today (14 Feb), Woodsy Studio is not only rolling out a brand new version of their game, they’re also releasing the game on Steam! Woodsy Studios was very kind to give me a pre-release copy of the game, so I can give you the down low on all the nifty new features of the game!

Miraclr Divine Dating Sim Chat.png

Before we get started on the new parts of the game, let me give you a quick recap on what the game is about. In Miraclr, you’re the lucky human who is chosen to help the archangels decide on the first miracle in 400 years. You use the chat messaging app ‘Miraclr’ to keep in contact with the divine and maybe even turn the working relationship into something more. The game goes over the course of 7 days, the first 4 area common route and the last 3 are based on which angel’s miracle you choose. There are now six romance options in the game, one is unlock able after completing the game once, but I recommend saving that route for absolute last!

Miraclr Divine Dating Sim Raphael.jpg

So how does the new game work? As you chat to the angels, certain options give you affection points called Halos. Halos are in-game currency which can be used to unlock special CGs or to reply to missed messages. For each route there’s a successful miracle ending and a bad ending, the success of the miracle is depending on both your relationship with your babe and also the other angels.

As mentioned in my previous review, one of my favourite aspects about the game was how diverse it was. There’s POC, non-binary and LGBT characters, the update only gives us even more representation! We have 9 new avatar options with more POC people (previously there was only 3 for male, female and non-binary). There’s also at least 2 new CGs per Angel, which we can now view in a gallery!
Miraclr Divine Dating Sim Michael.jpg

My only current grievance with the game is the lack of a skip option. The game operates in real time (unless you spent Halos to go back to missed chats), and as such Angels text you in real time. This can be a bit tedious if you’re replaying a route and just waiting to get to the dialogue option you need to get to. Besides that the new feature are such an exciting update to this lovely game. I had so much fun replaying it, and falling in love with the angels all over again. Although, Lucifer is still my favourite, it’s hard to resist a bad boy!

Make sure to download the game on Android and IoS or check it out on Steam and Itch.Io. You can follow Woodsy Studios on Twitter and Facebook to see what other exciting games they have.  Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!





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