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Ike vs. Moses Walkthrough ~ (Love Tangle) Shall We Date

This year I’ve been trying to play more Shall we Date games. So far the only ones I’ve really enjoyed are Love Tangle and Lost Alice. After playing Lumiere vs. Yangzi, I was super excited to see which guys would get released next.  I’m happy to announce that the new duo has just dropped – Ike & Moses.  At the moment only Ike is released and Moses should be available after a week or two.

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Thank you AoiNinjaAssassin


  • Sexy dress
  • They work with the law?
  • I’m worried about work
  • Just say something
  • Say I’m sexy
  • I was hoping to get your pity
  • After the paper is published
  • I can rely on Ike (best)
  • Tell him (Best)
  • Get help from Ike (best)
  • That’s not true (best)
  • Does it look like it? (best)
  • I don’t always need your protection (best)
  • Walk around (best)
  • I want to understand (Best)


  • Elegant dress
  • What kind of job is that?
  • I’m worried about Moses
  • Ask for more time
  • I’m embarrassed
  • I didn’t even notice
  • Making the paper better
  • Talk to him (best)
  • Admit you were staring at his muscles (Best)
  • Stand proudly beside him (Best)
  • Sounds good (Best)
  • To prove new theories correct (best)
  • He’s a very important coworker of mine (Best)
  • I trust you chief (best)
  • Moses (Best)


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  1. Hi there, just to let you know you missed out an option in Ike Barnes’s route at 7.06 and the correct answer for that choice is I don’t need you’re protection. This comes in after Does it look like it?

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