Bye Bye Patreon ~

Hiya everyone! This is just a quick post to let you, my lovely readers, know that I have decided to delete my Patreon account. I came to this decision for two reasons. First up – for the last few months my only patreon has been my mum (😭). She had actually been doing it in secret, which is super sweet, but imagine by surprise when I found out. So after I found this out, I also realised that while my mum was a $5/ month patreon, I only received $4.30 a month. Which kinda sucks. I get that Patreon needs to make money to run their site and all that. But honestly, my blog is such a small operation, 70c actually does make a difference to me. So I figured that I’d delete Patreon and focus on other avenues to make some moolah.


I’ve also got ads running on my blog now, which bring in a little bit of monies. So if you’d like to continue to help a hopeless otome lover out, turn off your ad blockers or donate to my Ko-fi.

Thank you for taking the time to read this very short PSA, I hope you’ve all been enjoying the Indie Developer Feature month! Also shout to my mum who has somehow found my blog and been supporting it for 5 months – love ya 😘


23 thoughts on “Bye Bye Patreon ~

  1. I actually deleted my patreon too in January so it’s funny seeing you do the same 😹
    I did a kofi but just in case someone wants to tip me, because I prefer that over monthly fees when I have nothing to give tbh.
    Aww, your mom is so sweet, I’m glad she supports you πŸ’—

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      1. You’re right, unless you’re making a lot of money thanks to having a lot of content people are interested in, it’s not like Patreon is worth it. Patreon is really geared towards artists, ficton writers, content producers that can make patreon exclusive things. I didn’t have any of that, so there was no point to having it open.
        I hope you have better luck with kofi or any other service you take up on πŸ‘Œ

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  2. A. That’s so sweet regarding your mom.
    B. It’s definitely hard to build a Patreon account. I think for us, it helped that our blog was up for fully five years before we opened one, and also that we had a good core of people who were NOT bloggers, and thus not “competitors” for Patreon bucks (though a few of our patrons are either actual bloggers on Beneath the Tangles or aniblogger elsewhere). You might want to revisit Patreon sometime down the line!


  3. that’s so nice of your mom T_T my mom doesn’t really think i do anything when i mention i’m blogging (though it’s kind of hard to explain what that is in spanish). ive actually been thinking of closing my patreon account as well :”D i made myself a kofi account but idk how i feel about asking people to help me out. especially when there’s no payoff??? in a way but like others mentioned, maybe patreon can be an option down the road again!

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    1. Hmm yeah it’s kinda hard. For me the way I view it is kinda like being ‘tipped’ for the work you do. Each article you write takes time and effort, and of course you do it for your own enjoyment, but it’s nice for someone to be like “hey that was really awesome, here’s a coffee”. So on my posts I tend to phrase it as like “if you found this helpful consider buying me a coffee!” rather than shoving it down people’s throats πŸ™‚


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