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Hansel Bernet Walkthrough ~ Lost Alice Shall We Date?

Following on from the Red’s route, Hansel is the second character in the Grimm story. The Grimm story takes Alice away from Wonderland and into another world with a focus on the Grimm Brothers’ characters. Like Red’s story it seems that Hansel’s route only has about five CGs compared to other routes that had nine. Hansel’ss super early bird ends on 25 Feb for ‘Destined Love Ending’ special prizes and Early Bird ends on 5 March.

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I’ll be writing my Walkthrough as I go. As always if you know the best answer please comment down below! In the meantime here’s my other Walkthrough and summaries I’ve done for the game.

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Thank you Clementina!

  • Fine. I’ll leave this house, then (best)
  • Warn me before you do something like that! (best)
  • You’re really strong, Hansel! (best)
  • Pretend I didn’t see anything (best)
  • I’d like to meet her too (Best)
  • How is Gretel doing? (best)
  • I want to go with Hansel? (best)
  • Thank you, Hansel (best)
  • This guy is the worst! (best)
  • Was it really okay not to hear him out? (best)
  • You’re right (best)
  • I really can’t forgive Douglas (best)
  • Aren’t people free to love who they want? (best)
  • Why? (best)
  • We have to help everyone (best)
  • We can’t just leave Red here (best)
  • That’s not what I want (best)
  • I can’t wait! (best)
  • It’s all thanks to you, Hansel (best)
  • I admire you Hansel (best)
  • I’m not really sure… (best)
  • We have to go in! (best)
  • Please, trust me (best)
  • I trust Hansel (best)
  • I’m sorry, but I can’t go home just yet. (best)
  • About you and me (best)


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  1. Hello!
    Don’t know if this set up is different but I wanted to put my few answers for Hansel
    Chap 2.3check point 50 sweetpoints
    Chap 2.7ask him what he was doing (good choice)
    Pretend I didn’t see anything (best)

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