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The Seven Districts of Sin ~ The Tail Makes the Fox: Episode 1 Review

What sounds worse than an eternity in hell? Being an auditor for eternity in hell. That’s  exactly where we find our young heroine in ‘The Seven Districts of Sin” The Tail makes the Fox’. Lilim is hell’s only two tailed gumiho (nine-tailed fox), and works as an auditor in the prestigious accounting firm of hell, directly under Lucifer themself! One eventful day, Lucifer gives Lilim a special assignment – investigate the Kumonoito district for soul laundering. But how will our adorable little fox go investigating the dark underbelly of government? ‘The Seven Districts of Sin: The Tail Makes the Fox’ is a joint project with Reine Works and Top Hat Studios. So far there are 3 episodes planed for the series, each stand alone but following the same characters. Now, let’s get into episode 1!

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The game is a visual novel with four romanceable options – two guys and two girls. Dialogue options either add affection points or subtract them, which then lead into nine different endings you can get. To finish one play-through took me about 1.5 hour, the game doesn’t branch off into different routes but rather depending on your choices gives you more scenes with the character that you are pursuing. Each character has at least one ‘romantic’ CG plus a chibi CG and a profile CG. I personally really adored the art styles, the romantic CGs were gorgeous and the chibi CGs so cute!

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As I mentioned previously, there are four characters to romance – Anzu, Kali, Saleos and Gaki. The two female characters (Anzu & Kali) are shrouded in mystery, Anzu is the mature sensual beauty while Kali is her ‘pet’, possessive and a bit aggressive but almost like a chihuahua barking at your heels. My personal favourite was Saleos, the vampire, who was a little awkward but very sweet and caring. I enjoyed slowly gaining each characters trust while also trying to be a bit sneaky and work out what was going on the mansion. My only frustration with a character was with Gaki, I just found him quite unlikeable and even in his route, I struggled to relate to him. I think this is mainly because his actions were so over the top perverted, I was just immediately turned off by him and focused on characters who I actually did love instead.

While the romance options are great (besides Gaki), the real star of the game is our fox! One feature that seems to permeate otome games is heroines are either faceless, meek and borderline useless or their the epitome of perfection with guys falling over themselves to  be at their beck and call. What I enjoyed about Lilim is that while she was cute and hardworking she was also a bit ditzy and sometimes had a sharp tongue. There were pros and cons to her, but that just made her more relatable, and her interactions with other characters more realistic.

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Over the four hours it took me to finish this game, I really became invested in Lilim’s mission and the people around her. Like Lilim, I was initially suspicious and slowly grew into caring for the other characters as I learnt about their backstories. The art and CGs in this game is so lovely, and besides one character who I didn’t like, I found this game really fun. I would have liked to also have had a bit more of an investigative steak in the game where we can try to piece info together. But, overall this was quite an enjoyable romance game!

You can buy the game on Itch.Io or Steam. Keep up to date with this game and futures ones with Reinwork’s Twitter and Tumblr, as well as Top Hat Studios’ Twitter. Thank you to the developer’s for providing me with a copy of the game to review!


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