Up Until the End ~ Demo Review

It was supposed to be a nice day reading in the library, but when our protagonist wakes up surrounded by flames, her awful day is just getting started. ‘Up Until the End’ is a visual novel game by LetiGame, The game is a visual novel with dialogue, and action choices throughout the game. The demo is currently released, and took about 20 minutes to play through. The full game will have multiple endings & one romance-able character. The entire game is being made and produced by a single person which is incredibly impressive!

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The opening of the games lands you in the middle of action, like the character, you’re a tad disorientated and wondering what is going on! Moving from one scene to the next, from nearly burning to death to being kidnapped and finally having to escape – everything moves so fast you just have to hold on and enjoy the ride. In the demo we didn’t get much of a chance to get to know the characters, but they all seem very intriguing, especially the young girl who at 7 is caught up in a lifetime’s worth of mess. I also really appreciated that the ‘options’ we got during the game weren’t just for dialogue, we could also choose what our character would do and how they would emotionally reach to situations. This allowed for a much more immersive experience that other visual novels don’t have – in this game you are an active participant in the story whereas for others it just feels like you’re reading about someone else’s story.

Overall, I found this game to be quite intriguing. The characters seem quite fun and mysterious, but none as mysterious as the circumstances surrounding them. I’m looking forward to playing the full game, it seems like it will be a very impressive game! You can download the game through Game Jolt or Make sure to also follow Leti Game’s tumblr, Twitter and Facebook page to keep up to date with all their updates.

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  1. Wonderful! Let us know when it’s fully released… because I, for one, have a brain lime a sieve! I’ll never remember this in 3 weeks, let alone 3 months plus!


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