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Red Embrace ~ A BL Game You Can Sink Your Teeth Into!

You may remember at the beginning of March I wrote a review on a game called ‘Chess of Blades‘. I absolutely adored the game, and have been excitedly waiting for Argent Games to release their next game. Just a week or so ago their latest game, Red Embrace, was released. In Red Embrace you play as Ash, a rather handsome aspiring creative who stumbles into a world he could never have dreamed of. Vampires are real, and he’s caught the attention of far too many of them. Help Ash navigate San Francisco’s rather fangy nightlife with a babe in tow and a neck in tack. Red Embrace is a visual novel with a number of dialogue options which lead you to either a happy ending or one with a bite to it…

Red Embrace Race hungry review.jpg

Quick Info

Where to buy? Steam or Itch.Io – $5 USD

Number of Romance Options: 3 guys, 2 ending each

My play through order:  Isaac –> Rex –> Dominic

Time Per Route: 1 – 1.5 hours max

Total Play Time: ~ 4 hours

Red Embrace option choices review argent games.jpg

One of the really fun aspects of Red Embrace is that dialogue options not only change the story but also Ash’s personality. Each choice either increases a blunt, aggressive, gentle or charming trait, which will either lock or unlock dialogue options later on. Characters in turn will react to Ash differently depending on what his personality grows into. This in turn makes every gameplay a new experience.

On top of this rather unique gameplay, the character sprites and CGs are absolutely gorgeous. I will point out that the sprites had a more western art style whereas CGs seemed more like an anime art – which was a bit of a sharp difference. Despite that the story flows very well, and is very entrancing and unique. I really felt for all the vampire characters, although I think a little bit of extra background information would have been fantastic.

Red Embrace Dominic Argent Games.jpg

Overall I really enjoyed Red Embrace, it’s yet another stunning game by Argent Games. The characters were gripping, with gorgeous designs and the romance was very heart warming. I would have loved the game to be a tad longer so that we could get to know the romance options a little bit better. But overall definitely a must play by any BL fans. Keep up to date with all of Argent Games news and on their website and Twitter.

Thank you to Argent Games for providing me with a copy of the game to review! 

9 thoughts on “Red Embrace ~ A BL Game You Can Sink Your Teeth Into!

    1. Hehe! Yess message away, I think we’re in the same timezone so we actually need to have a yaoi fan girl session! Also as Argent mentioned you can download it on your Android phone (if you have one!)


  1. Uhhh, yep, this looks like something I’d be into playing. Irina’s right, this company should be sponsoring you for all the gay vampire lovers (like me) you’re enticing into giving this a closer look. Whoever that guy is in the first image, I want him, and then I want his hair 😜

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