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‘Worst Dating Sim’ ~ Doesn’t Quite Live Up To The Name

There’s only two things in the world our young MC is scared of – walking alone in the dark and thugs. So it’s just his luck when one night while walking home he accidentally steps on a thug’s foot. But rather than beating MC within an inch of his life, the thug, Etsuji, becomes somewhat enamoured with him. Over the course of a few weeks, MC slowly becomes closer to Etsuji, learning about the sweet boy beneath that tough exterior and the dark secrets he holds.

Quick Info

Where to get? – Free!!!

Number of Romance Options: 1 guy – 69 bad endings + 1 good ending

Total Play Time: ~ 2 hours

Contact: Twitter + Tumblr

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I can imagine you’ve looked at my quick info above, seen the 69 bad endings and exclaimed ‘what the heck!?’. Yep, Worst Dating Sim features 69 bad endings, but not only that, the game does not include a save button. You have to perfectly choose the correct option at every screen or get sent back to the beginning to do it all over again! Sound hard? It really is. I have to confess, after playing through about 20% of the game I gave up and used a youtube walkthrough. However I do think that you should try a few times on your own, the sudden bad endings are quite funny. In a way it really motivated me to romance Etsuji even harder. I remember skipping through past dialogue and muttering under my breath “I’ll make you fall for me if it’s the last thing I do you gorgeous hunk!”

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This game makes no secret of not being a ‘serious’ dating sim, it is a self-described “shitpost dating sim involving thugs, hugs, and ughs”. But while some part of it feel like the best of the internet spewed out and formed into gorgeous hunky guys, there are some truly sensitive moments. Moments that hinted at a deeper story that I would have liked to have explored more. I would also have loved for there to be more CGs!!! I found that most of Etsuji’s romantic CGs were just close-ups of his face, and hey what’s the point of having a buff boyfriend if you can’t see his body!?

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Overall ‘Worst Dating Sim’ was actually a really fun game! I have to say, it didn’t live up to its name at all. While there were some slight pitfalls like the lack of save button and the CGs, it was all part of the fun. I had quite a few laughs as I played this game, and drooled a bit over those very well drawn abs. I believe the creator (Saturn) is planning on making extensions to this game and new games in the future. I absolutely can’t wait to see what they come out with next. Make sure to check this one out (and don’t feel bad using a walkthrough!)


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