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Genius Inc. Has Released ‘My Drama’!

You may remember in November last year Voltage Inc released Love 365. For those who don’t. Love 365 is essentially one app for all of Voltage Inc’s game – eliminating the need to download multiple apps. It seems that Genius Inc is following suit and have released ‘My Drama’. I do tend to play and write walkthroughs for quite a lot of Genius Inc games, so I was pretty excited by this new app. However, once I did download it, I found there were some very glaring problems.

Genius Inc My Drama.jpeg

After downloading it and waiting for the app to load, I was taken to a short quiz. The quiz essentially asked me what kind of stories I enjoy, ones involving demons, siblings, etc. etc. I clicked on ‘demons’ expecting that the app would sort through all of Genius Inc’s past games and bring up a recommendations list. Instead, the game immediately launched into the prologue of ‘My Devil Lovers‘. After reading through a prologue of a game I’ve already played, I was invited to choose a route! I quickly exited back to the ‘main page’

Genius Inc My Drama Ninja Romance

There isn’t much on the main page, and in fact there aren’t any special features on the app at all. I remember in Love 365, there was a release schedule for new games and a special VIP area. My Drama is disappointingly plain in comparison. My first issue (and my biggest) is that they show the CGs of each route everywhere! For me, I like to keep the CGs as a surprise before playing the route. When you go to the main page there are featured CGs (like the ones for Otouto Scramble first pic), and when you go into each ‘story’, the routes have the CG next to them (second pic)! I don’t understand why they couldn’t just have a picture of the guy you are romancing, even just his face!

Another very annoying issue is there is no forward button. if you have to replay a route to get the best ending, you can’t even skip everything you’ve read! In older games, after you finished a route you could re-play it as many times as you want, without using tickets. However it seems this feature has been removed. The only plus is that you receive a free story ticket every 2.5 hours, which is pretty generous. I gotta be honest I’m not very impressed by this app. While it is convenient to have all the games in one place, there’s a whole bunch of cons that will stop me from using it in future.