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Love Signal: D-Mate (Otome) ~ First Impressions

Love Signal: D-mate is the latest game from Day7. You may remember the company from games such as Sleepless Delivery and Beauty Rental Shop. In the game you play as a campion android who is discovered by a young mechanic in a rubbish tip. You’ve been factory-reset, so you don’t know anything about your past, not even your own name. To make matters worse, your ‘port’ (at the back of your neck) has been destroyed so the mechanic can’t search your hard drive either.

WalkthroughsP:ure , Simon, Greg, Richard, David and Tay

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As companion android are quite the luxury item, the mechanic sees you as a chance to make a pretty penny. He posts you for sale on a trade&sell board, from the 100+ replies he receives, you choose four guys you seem interested in.  At the end of the beta testing period (15 Days) you will choose one of them (or the other two guys) to stay with. At the end of each day you will receive a ‘report’ from them about how you have improved. Before I get into the ‘review’ part of this post, I do want to say that the initial premise of the game makes me feel a little…icky? I use ‘companion’ in this post which is MASSIVE euphemism, I’ll keep my thoughts to myself for now before I see how Day7 approaches this almost sex-slave situation.

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The game is a lot like Beauty Rental Shop, as you progress through the story you can go on dates with the guy you like. If you wear a couple outfit you can also unlock a ‘date outfit’ and special illustration.  You can also use items to boost your affection with various guys.  Also certain dialogue options boost what emotions you learn. All these cost coins. Coins can also be used to buy ‘read signals’ which allow you to see the best option. Each day you can acquire 40 coins by watching 5 videos, through tap joy or you can purchase them.

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I will say my major frustration with this game is that the interface is a bit confusing. I get confused on what buttons to press, and what dress up items correspond to which boy. I  hope with time I pick it up, but at the moment, playing this game is giving me a bit of a headache. Like many of Day7’s games, the graphics are very pretty, but the translations could do with a bit of improvement. Over the next few weeks I’ll do my best to scrounge up some coins and write up walkthroughs for all the dudes! Unfortunately Tay Caden will be last as you have to unlock a few endings to get to him!

Vote below for which guy you want me to write a walkthrough for first!

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    1. Hiya! I’m not exactly sure what days it is, but one two days you’ll have the option to spend time with one of the boys. So just choose which guy you are aiming for 🙂


    1. Hiya! Thanks for the question. To be honest I wouldn’t, there are some routes in the story which, even I at 24 years old, found to be quite upsetting. If you’d like some recommendations for games that would be suited for younger Otome players just let me know and I can give you some!


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