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Hori Renji Walkthrough ~ Burning Heart

It’s been quite a while since I’ve played this game. I initially put it down as I was playing on my old phone, got a new one and lost progress on Muto’s route. I heard that they have released a few more routes to this game, so I’ll try my best to cover all of them. A quick recap on what the game is about: Burning heart is an otome game by Accelea, it follows an MC who is a newbie fire fighter. 10 years ago MC’s parents died in a fire.

Burning Heart Hori Renji Walkthrough.jpg

1 story ticket is recovered every 3 hours. There’s 27 chapters, each chapter has 5 ‘scenes’. So at minimum it will take me about 3 weeks to get through this route.  As always, if you know the best answers comment down below. I write these walkthroughs with the hope of them being a collaborative effort with the otome community.

Check out Muto’s walkthrough here and Junpei’s walkthrough here!

Note: the English translation for this route is the worst out of all the routes I’ve played. After about chapter 10 it’s almost impossible to understand what is going on!

Walkthrough Removal! 

Hello everyone. It was recently brought to my attention that Accela does not allow for walkthroughs to be published for their games. Accela has NOT contacted me about these walkthroughs, but I thought it would be best to delete them as a show of integrity. I will be contacting Accela to see if their ban still remains (as they made the below post in February 2017). Thank you Ivy Icy and Meg for helping me with this walkthrough, I’m really sad to see it go 😦

Accela otome no walkthroughs part 1Accela Otome no walkthroughs part 2

28 thoughts on “Hori Renji Walkthrough ~ Burning Heart

  1. Chap 25 scene 4: Rescue Hori +10 points
    I cant believe thats answer is the worst 😥
    Chap 26 scene 2 : Try to make him talk +50 points ❤

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      1. haha, i replay this route on my ipad to find the best answer, i need to get secret story and happy ending too :”> ❤
        And the answer number 9: No but let see! +50 points


  2. Ch17: “smile!” is the +50

    Ch18 I goofed & forgot to write down which was the +30 I got ._.

    Ch 19: “I am a firefighter too!” is the +50



  3. Ch 24: “Hesitate” is the +50. I think you have it labeled as Ch23? Since “Renji” is one of the other options. not sure which chapter is missing then


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