I tried Speed Dating with Dear Pluto!

Since I’ve come back from Melbourne, I’ve been caught in a lull of comfort. I go to work 3 days a week and the other 4 days I lounge around with my cats watching Netflix or sometimes, and I really mean sometimes, pick up my Japanese textbook. Before I moved to Melbourne I had been to a few Dear Pluto markets and heard about their speed dating events. So I decided what the heck, I’ll give it a try – what’s the worst that can happen?

Tickets for the parties are a little odd, for girls who are bringing a male friend, you can go right ahead and purchase your ticket. However for singles or same sex pairs, you have to enter a ballot. Unfortunately I have no male friends (which is why I was going to the event!) and entered for myself + a female friend. If your name is drawn you get an email link to purchase the tickets, tickets were about $27+booking.

Once you have your ticket you’re pretty much set to go. In the lead up you receive a confirmation email and a reminder email. The event was held at cake wines in Redfern, a rather small and intimate location. There isn’t a dress code but the website recommends not dressing like you’re going for a job interview. Doors opened at 7pm, with the actual dating beginning at 7:30pm. When you arrive you’re handed the above card and a pen. The idea is that you write your date’s name down and discreetly circle ‘yes’ if you’re into them. Over the course of the night we went on 22 dates.

The event was for ages 20- 35. However I generally found people to be on the higher end of 20s/ early 30s. Everyone was a professional and the youngest dude I talked to was 27. So as a 23 year old student doing casual work, I felt a bit like a fish out of water. Each date went for 4 minutes, there were 11 dates, then a break, then another 11. Overall I found the people I talked to quite lovely, however, in any group of people you’re gonna get some twats, so let’s count down the best and worst of the night!

Best question: “Out of all the horror movie villains, whose ass do you think you could kick?”

Worst question: “where do you see yourself in 5 years time?” – dude this isn’t a job interview!

Best comment: *Random intelligent comment on my thesis topic*

Worst comment: “so are you, like, one of those receptionists who just sit around and do their nails, or do you actually work?”

This is how the tables were set up for the dates, the girls had to move around the room

. While I did have a fun time, and it was a unique experience, I do have two suggestions on improving the event. First up there should be a jug of water on each table. There isn’t enough time between dates to run up to the bar to get water unless you’re seated next to it. By my fifth date my voice was hoarse! The second issue was the music, it was so loud I felt like I was in a club. Again, there wasn’t any time to run to the front to ask for it to be lowered. This in turn lead to me and pretty much every date either shouting at one another and guessing what the other was saying. did I go?

I said ‘yes’ to five guys, let me quickly go through my thoughts on each guy from 1 (fave) to 5 (maybe).

  1. Pretty attractive dude, full of energy and absolutely hilarious. Didn’t stick with the regular questions (like what job do you do? How was your day?) and used the crazy supplied ones on the table.
  2. Kinda attractive dude, pretty funny who used the supplied questions too. Had to move just as we got into good convo, so wanted to chat more.
  3. Kinda attractive but not my usual type, but super interesting dude! Had heaps to talk about.
  4. Not the best looking guy, but so much to talk about. Was really interested in my thesis and I couldn’t stop laughing while chatting to him.
  5. Best looking guy at the event, was my first date but he was really stand offish. Said ‘yes’ as I wasn’t sure if the date was weird cause he/ I were nervous or he just wasn’t interested.

The results…

I received my matches 2 days after the event. I got one match – bachelor number 4! I gotta admit I was a bit disappointed that I didn’t match with bachelor number 1, I thought we had a really nice chat. I guess now I’ll just wait for dude number 4 to send me a message!

I hope you all enjoyed this post. I usually tend to put things like this on my travel blog, but now I’m considering re-integrating my travel blog with this blog? What do you guys think? Let me know in the comments or vote on my twitter poll~

11 thoughts on “I tried Speed Dating with Dear Pluto!

  1. This was so fun to read. I wouldn’t mind trying it out though I’m not sure how different it is from just walking into a random bar for free. I guess you pay for the luxury of having a preestablished out after a few minutes…

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  2. Sounds like an interesting experience. I don’t think I could ever do something like that because it takes awhile before I want to talk to someone and in the first four minutes I probably wouldn’t speak leaving a truly wonderful impression.

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  3. If you two follow up, good luck! Laughter is always a good sign. I would be way too nervous to give this a try i think. I always imagined it being the next thing to online dating, which, while there are some great stories about finding someone, everyone I know had warned me against it.

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    1. Thank you! I can definitely understand that, I was really apprehensive before I went but took a friend and figured if someone was gonna murder me it wouldn’t be in a room filled with other people…hopefully. Online dating is definitely a hit or miss, I have a few horror stories myself…

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