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Mizari Loves Company (Demo) ~ A New Otome Game from Reine Works!

Mizari Loves Company is an upcoming game by Reine Works. You may remember them as the joint creators of ‘The Tail Makes the Fox‘ and their four other visual novels! In their upcoming game you play as Mizari, a young healer who travels with her two friends to help stop demon attacks across the nation. While fighting a group of demons, Mizari is kidnapped and taken to the Demon country where she’s asked to heal her enemies. The game features three male romance-able options. Interestingly, the game is set to not only be a visual novel, but will also have some RPG elements integrated into it. However the demo only features dialogue options at this point in time.

Mizari Loves Company dialogue options visual novel.jpg

I will start off by saying that I really adored the designs of each of the characters. They’re each so unique and fun, in particular, I adore Nerui’s design, I really want her hair and outfit! I will say that Mizari wearing a tiara throws me off a little bit – I immediately think princess when I see one, but then when I read she was a villager, I was a little confused by how a villager could afford one. But as you play on, you get used to it. The CGs are absolutely lovely, and are almost a mix of anime and old fairy tale style. With the story, it’s quite interesting to see the game’s comments on war and how opposing sides view on another. Mizari is forced to re-evaluate her perception of Demons and even challenge herself as she has to question whether she will help her enemies. The game is setting itself up as not only gorgeous visually but also with a morally complex storyline.

Mizari Loves Company demo review demons.jpg

However as much as I enjoyed the demo, there are a few aspects that I would like to give feedback on. I hope this feedback doesn’t come across as too harsh, as I really see a lot of potential in this game and want to see it succeed. First up is with the character of Mizari, I found it very difficult to relate to her. In the demo all I truly learnt about her was that she’s overly kind and can do healing magic, I struggled to find a different dimension to her character that wasn’t that stereotypical trope of the angelic girl who can do no evil. My second comment is in regards to Mimi’s voice, again, I’m not trying to be nasty, but I found the accent that was used for her voice was very over the top, and distracting. I had a look at the voice actress’ other work, and she’s incredibly talented and can do a very wide range of voices, so I hope my words aren’t taken as a slight on her ability.

Mizari Loves Company Demon King demo review.jpg

As I said, I have really high hopes for this game, and can’t wait to see it when it is complete. The art is gorgeous, and the characters are intriguing, I hope that with the full game we will see a bit more character development on Mizari’s end. The full game is aimed to be released June 2019. You can support the game over at Kickstarter! The aim to make the game is $2,500 with heaps of fun stretch goals like a side game and op/end videos. You can download the free demo over at Itch.io.


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