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Otome Game Sales & New Releases!

It’s shopping season for Otome lovers, there’s a few sales going on and a bunch of news releases. Check them out below!!

Links supplied are affiliate links, that means for every order you do by clicking on it, I get a small percentage of the sales. I don’t get any of your details – just a little bit of money. I would really appreciate it if you could use the affiliate links to purchase these items, it would help me out heaps!


Manga Gamer is currently having a special white day sale for two otome games. First up is Fashioning Little Miss Lonesome which is 20%, bringing it down to a little less than $20. Fashioning Little Miss Lonesome is the first R18 otome game to make it to the West. The game follows 2 handsome guys who are trying to turn an awkward, anti-social girl into a superstar model!

On top of this, Ozmafia is currently 45% off (the cheapest I’ve ever seen it) and is also less than $20. The game seems to be a mixture of a number of stories like Wizard of Oz, Dorian Grey and Alice in Wonderland. Essentially a young girl appears in Oz with no memories and tries to find her way with a bunch of handsome guys helping her!

New Games

Mid last year a bunch of otome games were announced for 2018. Barely a quarter of the year has gone by and all of them are already ready for pre-order! Most of them will be released before mid-year. Below I will provide both Play-Asia and Amazon links!

7’scarlet – Amazon  ($39.99) & Play Asia ($39.99)

Code Realize: Future Blessings – Amazon ($39.99) & Play Asia ($39.99)

Code Realize: Bouquet of Roses [PS4 Version] – Amazon (69.99) & Play Asia ($74.99)

Hakuoki: Edo Blossoms – Amazon ($39.99 OR Prime: $35.03) & Play Asia ($39.99)

Psychedelica of The Black Butterfly – Amazon ($39.99) & Play Asia ($44.99)

Psychedelica of The Ashen Hawk – Amazon ($39.99) & Play Asia ($39.99)


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