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Jack Stillman Walkthrough ~ Guard Me, Sherlock!

Jack Stillman’s case has just been released for the game Guard Me, Sherlock. I’m still a bit confused about how this game works, it’s like Jack’s route but it’s a Jack vs. Sherlock route. So I’m not sure if it’ll be romantic or just detective work. I also just wanted to apologise for never finishing the Sebastian walkthrough, I was working on like 5 different games when it came out, and got really bad burnout. Thankfully Jack has been released at the perfect time! I’ve finished my Ike/ Moses walkthrough and there isn’t another Lost Alice character for a while.

Guard me Sherlock Jack Stillman.jpeg

Ok enough of my complaining/talking, let’s get into the walkthrough!


Chapter 1

  • But I have no one else to turn to! (Best)
  • Sure (Best)
  • Did I miss something? (Best)
  • I’ll leave it to you (Best)
  • Wow! (Best)
  • 1 and 2 (correct answer!)
  • Sherlock! (Best)
  • Thank you (Best)
  • Strange coincidence, huh? (Best)
  • What do you mean? (Best)

Chapter 2

  • You’re really kind (Best)
  • I’m really glad (Best)
  • From birth (correct answer!)
  • (I was so close…) (Best)
  • Sherlock! (Best)
  • Feel sad (Best)
  • Oh, please do (Best)
  • That’s an interesting way of thinking (Best)
  • Thank you (Best)

Chapter 3

  • That sounds like fun (Best)
  • They had some other goal then? (Best)
  • Thanks for reminding me (Best)
  • Couldn’t have done it without you (Best)
  • Because you cut it length wise (correct answer!)
  • I was texting (Best)
  • You just look so good (Best)
  • (Out of the ordinary) (Best)
  • (He’s so…appealing) (Best)

Chapter 4

  • What are you talking about? (Best)
  • That’s so sad… (Best)
  • I’m not sure I… (Best)
  • He’s a very kind person (Best)
  • You’re both inquisitive (Best)
  • Turkey (correct answer!)
  • How did you know…? (Best)
  • You’ve been worrying about me, huh? (Best)
  • …thoughtful (Best)
  • I’ll make something for you soon (Best)

Chapter 5

  • I’m sure it will (Best)
  • Because they could see each other (correct answer!)
  • This is sad (Best)
  • Maybe he has his reasons (Best)
  • (I’m sorry) (Best)
  • You tricked me? (Best)
  • (I can’t take my eyes off him.) (Best)
  • (Is he one of them?) (Best)

Chapter 6

  • Catch him, huh… (Best)
  • Oh, no… (Best)
  • Those two are getting along well (Best)
  • You two are a handful (Best)
  • Because the accident was avoidable (correct answer)
  • Makes sense (Best)
  • I wonder what issues they had?
  • (I can’t believe that.)
  • Is it because of me … ?
  • I’m glad you’re standing up for me.

Chapter 7

  • This person likes beautiful things (Best)
  • In the organs…? (Best)
  • Neither of you are wrong. (Best)
  • Does even that have some meaning to it? (Best)
  • Because she said it looking at someone else. (Correct Answer)
  • Maybe I’m tired… (Best)
  • I know I won’t regret this. (Best)
  • I’ve got to rethink this a little. (Best)
  • Oh, what a man I going to do with you. (Best)
  • (I liked that a bit.) (Best)

Chapter 8