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Simon Lane Walkthrough ~ Love Signal: D-Mate (Otome)

Love Signal: D-mate is the latest game my Day7, a Korean dating sim company. I’ve checked out their games before and really enjoyed them. In ‘Love Signal’ you play as a companion android who has been discovered in a rubbish tip. Over the course of 15 days you get to know your new temporary owner, four beta testers and another companion droid. Who will be the one that steals your heart at the end? The game is completely free to play, however you need to use coins to buy extra things in game. You can buy coins or earn 40 each day by watching ads.

As mentioned, there’s 6 romance options, one of which can only be unlocked after playing through the other dudes. The whole game is one ‘common’ route which branches off for dates with your special boy. You can check out my first impressions fo the games here.

I will be posting the pictures I unlock on my instagram account – you can follow me over here~

WalkthroughsP:ure , Simon, Greg, Richard, David and Tay


  • Use a fork to feed him
  • Mr. Simon, you are like a cook~
  • Mr. Tay thinks I’m not trustworthy
  • Am I supposed to hold it?
  • I’m happy
  • Mr Simon…everyone…
  • Then, Mr. Simon is…

Besides the walkthrough you also get affection points from going on the two dates with your boy. You can also gain affection for all boys by defeating Stacey in a face-off.

I don’t believe you 100% need to purchase the ‘date’ and ‘couple’ outfits to get enough affection for the ending. There is also only one ending + epilogue, so all you need to do is get 100% affection to unlock the ending!


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