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Loved By King Bs (Otome) ~ First Impressions

Loved By King Bs, is a new otome game by Day7. The game is a sequel to the hugely popular ‘Marked by King Bs’, and I really mean popular, the game has nearly a million downloads! In Loved by King Bs, it’s set about 2 years after the first one, you’ve just enrolled in University with your boyfriend, and with starting a new chapter in your life, comes a whole new lot of trouble! I’ve always loved Day 7’s games, the stories are so unique and the art is gorgeous, so I’m super excited to get started with this one! You can check out my thoughts on two other Day7 games here – Beauty Rental Shop & Love Signal: D-Mate!

Loved by King Bs otome Day7 Erick.jpeg

I haven’t actually played the first game, but so far it doesn’t appear that you need to, the prologue introduces the characters pretty well. It seems the game begins with you in a relationship with Ash, so I’m assuming his route is the ‘true route’, and I’m worried I’ll feel a little bit bad on other routes/ dating the other boys! Unlike the other Day7 games, the amount of gold needed to go through the game, seems like a lot more. I do tend to pay to play Day7 games as I like to support them and encourage them to continue to make more games, but for free to play players, this may be a bit of a shock!

The game also has a bunch of fun features!

William Loved by King Bs room.jpeg

Mini stories & Memory Album: For each day you log in, you unlock a boy’s chibi and a mini story, the mini story is a short look at what happened between the end of Marked and Loved!

Gatcha: There is also a fun gatcha mechanism where you can unlock decoration items, album keys, summon your best boy or unlock special outfits – these are then shown in ‘your room’

Boy’s room: The boy’s room (pictured above) gives you a chance to have a sneak peek into his feelings for you + unlock a spin off event!

Overall, this looks like another fantastic game by Day7. I can’t choose a favourite boy at the moment, but am leaning towards Zack, Ashton and William – they’re definitely more my type. I’ll be playing the game over Easter and will release walkthroughs next week.

Vote below for which walkthrough you want to see first!

25 thoughts on “Loved By King Bs (Otome) ~ First Impressions

  1. Hello!! I have some saved choices/answers coz I had finished the game (but I was too emotional after Ashton’s breakup lol so I couldn’t screen cap the rest.) I would like to help you posting the other walkthroughs 🙂


  2. Hello? Do you by chance know what % of my charm should be in order to complete the game? I’m on the last challenge/competition with Tiffany (with 45% of charm) but I don’t have any other option but to check my style( like should it be 100% ? Thank you~


    1. Hiya! At the moment I don’t think you need a charm higher than that for the other routes. The only route you might have trouble with Ashton’s route, I can’t remember how much charm I needed to get his ending though sorry!!


      1. Oh… why can’t I finished the game then( I’m not really in any route, I wanted to see the normal ending first, so I don’t really know what to do at the moment((( But thank you for the answer~

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      2. Have you passed the final face off? Once you finish that you should just continue reading chapters and when you get to the ending you can choose Normal end. If you have Twitter you can dm me a screenshot of where you are up to and I can help you!


      3. I’m on the last competition with Tiffany. Before there was a choice to cintinue the game or rise my charm, but now I only have one choice (to check the style) =(


  3. hi, very interesting game, like the story very much but having some problem here so i m stuck half way, is regarding the rewards part. seems like that doesnt work even i already fullfill the recharge requirement. wanted to send the proof but the submit buttom doesnt work either 😓

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    1. Hi! I’m glad you’re enjoying the game 🙂 If you have Twitter or a Facebook account, it’d be best for you to message Day7 directly as they will best be able to help you.


  4. i love this game as well~ but i really hope that they do it per route… not just 1 main route with different ending.. if u get what i mean.. coz sometimes i feel so confuse which guy should i root for.. so if it is a different story by route, i shouldnt be having this problem i guess.. lol! ouh! and i love william, nicholas and joel the most~ >.<

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    1. Sorry for the late reply, I was on holidays! Did you get a chance to play the game? I played the game a while ago but from memory it did branch out into different routes which was great 🙂


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