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Ashton Walkthrough ~ Loved By King Bs

A few days ago I announced that Day7 has released the sequel to Marked by King Bs, which is called Loved By King Bs! As mentioned in my post, the game is set at the beginning of university where all the characters have been separated. Our MC is dating Ashton, however there are some issues with the relationship and she is growing closer to her other male friends.  There are 25 chapters in the story + an ending chapter, there’s also a bunch of extra features where you can see stories from in-between the first game and this one.

If you have any questions just comment down below, and I’ll help you as best I can!

Walkthroughs:  Ashton – WilliamErickZackNicholas – Joel


  • Huh? Are you belling jelly~?
  • N…now!? Wait!?
  • Choose Choco Cream Bread (*Must choose for illustration!)
  • Don’t you have…anything to say?
  • Wow, so does that mean it will end someday?
  • Buy a drink & wait for Jenny (*Must choose for Illustration!)
  • Responsibility…? How would I do that?
  • …I like you
  • Why do you say that. It hurts me…

I strongly believe that Ashton’s route is actually meant to be done last. To unlock his ending I had to get all correct answers + do all four dates (and do 2 dates twice!) and buy a bunch of outfits to raise my charm. Whereas, in the same playthrough, without even trying, I unlocked Nicholas’, Joel’s and Zack’s endings too!

Overall I really enjoyed Ashton’s route, it was a very mature take on young first love, misunderstandings and reconciliation. I do wish the the game branched into routes rather than one big common route, as I found some boys got barely any screen time compared to Ashton, William and Erick. Overall, if you’re looking for a new free otome game to play – make sure to check out all of Day7’s games. They’re a pretty incredible company that put out some fantastic games!


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8 thoughts on “Ashton Walkthrough ~ Loved By King Bs

    1. Hiya! So I just had a look on google play and Day7 answered someone with a similar question. They said that to pass all the check points you need to have a charm percent of 76%. Hope this helps!!


  1. Honestly, I just started on this games before I did play the marked by king bs, it was so good I was shocked theres a continuation which is amazing, havent finish any ending yet but I did cry and laugh cause it felt so real well as real as it get, I honestly may a bought a bit gold cause I cant resist but so far so good and I do agree I wish they could branch out all the characters like differ plot I’ll bet it will be interesting maybe they can do that in the future hehe

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    1. Hiya! Yay I’m so glad to hear from another fan, and it’s great you bought some gold, it’s the best way to support Day7 directly and encourage them to keep making games :)!!! I cried a bit too, some moments were super touching and others heart breaking ;_;


  2. Uuuuugh…
    I need help ;-; It’s maybe the third time that I try Ash’s happy end.. BUT… BUT… I can’t unlock it ! My “love meter” with him is always at 97 ;-; I did all the good answers, I did the 4 dates, I raise my charme to 79, I buy him all his outfits AND I STILL DON’T HAVE HIS HAPPY END. HEEEEELP ;-;

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    1. Hiya! That’s super odd!! You should definitely have unlocked his good ending 😦 I’m wondering if it might be the charm level, I had to raise my charm level heaps until I had his good ending, my charm level is at 87%. Try to buy a few more of MC’s outfits and if that doesn’t work send me another message!!!


  3. I purchased a couple outfit for Ashton but I accidentally exited out when the date screen showed up and never went on any dates with him. How do I access it again?

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