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Looking at ‘Love Cuts’ (Otome) with Yankee Banchou

Hey there, I’m Billy from yankeebanchou. Two Happy Cats was nice enough to invite me to do a collab, this is my first time doing one so I’m sorry in advance if I do anything wrong haha.

The game that we decided to do a collab review on is Hanabi Media’sLove Cuts: Descendants of the Sun”, though it does go by many names like “Otome Game: Love Story – Dating Sim for Girls” on the app store, “Descendents” as the name of the app once downloaded and finally “Love Cuts” on the title screen when you boot up the app, sooo… let’s just call it “Love Cuts” for short.

There are two main bachelors available in this game, Si-jin (the buff military guy who goofs around) and Daniel (the cinnamon roll Doctor). Love Cuts is not the type of game where you can go into ‘routes’ per se as the ending you get depends on the choices you’ve made throughout the game. So for this review I’ll mainly be focusing on Si-jin while Two Happy Cats will focus on Daniel.

Summary of the story is that the heroine, Mo-yeon, is a Doctor/surgeon(?) based in South Korea who is in a steady relationship with Daniel. She hasn’t had a single patient die on her and she doesn’t plan on having that happen any time soon. One day, a strange man covered in blood pops out from the fourth floor window of the hospital whilst carrying an infant in hand. This man is later identified as Kim Si-jin, a soldier and a bit of a rascal/flirt with terrible pick up lines. Little did Mo-yeon know that this encounter would send her life into a downwards spiral…

kim si-jin.png

So this hunk of a man is Si-jin and ngl, this guy really makes me smile at how goofy and charming he is written. I couldn’t help but smile a bunch at the terrible pick up lines and his jokes. He’s a pretty chill character and very likeable upon meeting him in the story, plus he’s buff so that’s a bonus for me haha.

While playing I was hoping there would be a cut off somewhere so I can choose a route dedicated towards Si-jin where it would build his character and the relationship between him and Si-jin but nope, it seems like the whole story is just one big ‘common route’ with detours to scenes with Si-jin depending on what dialogue choice you choose, which is a big bummer for me because I like more character focused stories. Also if you’re wondering “how can Mo-yeon hook up with Si-jin if she already has a boyfriend (Daniel)?”, well let’s rewind a bit where earlier in the story Daniel breaks up with Mo-yeon because he was going to his home country where war was raging and he just wanted to cut ties with her so it’d be less painful if he did die–however in the end Mo-yeon just tags along with Daniel even if their relationship is called off. So it’s kind of in that grey area whether or not if it’ll be morally right to flirt with another dude when your ‘ex’ is in the same room.

But with all honesty, the fact that most of the story was focused around a civil war was really out of left field for me because I was not expecting something like that, but it was a really interesting experience. I’d rather not spoil too much on it because it is quite a short game/story and would rather be best to go into it blind to get the most experience out of it. I guess all I can say is that the story has a lot of highs and a lot of lows, which does seem to change Si-jin’s character that it almost seems out of character… Though I do wish that I had more to go on in terms of Si-jin and his backstory, while he’s funny and charming I just didn’t seem to grasp much about Si-jin on an intimate level with his personality. Funnily enough I think he did say in the game that “You really don’t know much about me” or something along the lines to Mo-yeon and y’know what, thinking back on it I really don’t haha.

That’s why I think it would’ve been better if there were routes in this game where you can get more personal with Si-jin. The ending I got wasn’t satisfying either because where’s my happy ending kiss CG?? Just kidding (then again I got a lot of options and scenes in the game to kiss him but most of those CGs were in a ‘sketch’ style where there wasn’t a lot of detail going on at all).

Overall Thoughts

Overall it’s a good experience, it’s quite short and you can finish one playthrough in a Saturday afternoon (like what I did lol) and you’ll get a couple of laughs from it before it gets really serious near the end. The only problem is that it’s a bit tough to replay it after you’ve played it once. There are no skip, fast forward or skip to next choice options available so you’ll be going through each scene tediously for the second or third time.

Another thing is that I’m not even sure how many endings there are and what are the right choices to get a better ending. When I got one of Si-jin’s ending I was somewhat conflicted as to how to feel about it, like, was it a good end or was it a bad end because it felt open/ambiguous if what I got was the best ending and it made me less encouraged to try and get another ending because what if I get the same results? I could use a walkthrough to get another ending with Si-jin but as I said earlier there are no features that’ll help skip through scenes I’ve already read.

My other complaints is that at the beginning I noticed a lot of sentences being cut off because they didn’t fit the text box (I’m playing on iPad btw) which made scenes weird because of missing context. Also the black screen transition just stays there until you tap on the screen rather than fading out to the new scene like a normal transition. When I first saw that black screen transition I thought it was some sort of loading screen so I waited and nothing happened haha. The twist at the end of the story I could see it coming but hey, that’s just me, I have a habit of always jumping ahead of the story.

Anyway, unexpectedly I had a lot of fun going through the story especially with the humor this game has I just couldn’t help but laugh. Before everything went downhill I really enjoyed the dynamic between Mo-yeon, Si-jin and Daniel, it was cute and pretty wholesome. I just wish there’s a 3P ending with just all of them being happy together and nothing bad happening.

But I do have to commend the writers of this game, that when things got dire it really did felt intense and I even had trouble choosing dialogue choices because I was afraid of the consequences so kudos to you, writers.

Like I said before, it’s a good time killer and an interesting yet short game/story. I’d recommend it if you have some time on your hands and you’d like to read something about doctors and civil wars.

Just a heads up in case you’d like to play. The game doesn’t have a ticket system or anything where you have to pay to see the next chapter/scene. However what it does have is a bunch of ads you have to watch in between chapters, but you have the choice to skip it after watching 5 seconds of the ad so it’s no big deal to me, but I’m not sure how others would feel about that.

Anyway, thank you for reading!