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William Walkthrough ~ Loved by King Bs

Last week it was announced that Day7 has released the sequel to Marked by King Bs, which is called Loved By King Bs! As mentioned in my post, the game is set at the beginning of university where all the characters have been separated. Our MC is dating Ashton, however there are some issues with the relationship and she is growing closer to her other male friends.  There are 25 chapters in the story + an ending chapter, there’s also a bunch of extra features where you can see stories from in-between the first game and this one.

If you have any questions just comment down below, and I’ll help you as best I can!

Walkthroughs:  Ashton – William – ErickZackNicholas – Joel


  • …No
  • Hehe, danke schön…!
  • No, I’m sorry
  • I think I’m really stupid… (Must choose to get illustration!)
  • Right? You meant that right?
  • Pretend to sleep first (Must choose to get illustration!)
  • I just…just want to stay like this
  • No, I’ll check it. Don’t touch it!
  • Why are you scaring me? I’m really serious here!


In my first impressions post I mentioned that I was a bit anxious about how the game would go about romancing another dude while you are in a relationship with Ashton. I gotta say I didn’t ever feel like I was ‘cheating’ on Ashton, and the progression of the relationship was very smooth. I particularly loved the flashbacks to the previous game and even earlier in the MC’s and William’s life. I think a lot of otome games focus on this idea of ‘one true love’, but in real life, relationships are messy! Although in saying that William is pretty much the stereotypical ideal guy, if only I can find someone like William in real life! Definitely one of my favourite otome routes I’ve played~


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