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‘The Bell Chimes for Gold’ (Otome) Guide

‘The Bell Chimes for Gold’ is a new translated project by the Sekai Project. In the game you play as Maria, a herbalist, whose life savings have been stolen by her love to marry another woman. The man runs off while saying with her skills she can surely buy another man – so that’s what she decides to do! As you play through the game you create potions to sell and eventually use the money to payoff your babe’s debt! The game is pretty straight forward but I thought I’d write a quick guide on little bits that I think people might need help on.

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Where to first meet the Bachelors!

  • Samuel – Pub (Day)
  • Ben – Pub (Night)
  • Willian – Guild (Day)
  • Brian – Guild (Night)
  • Walter – Alley (Night)

Potion Ingredients & Where to Find Them

  • Health potion – Dew Drop & Azurea Blossom – Prarie
  • Energy Potion – Forest Grapes – Forest
  • Status potion – Halite & umbral gem –  Mine
  • Stamina potion –  Torch fuel & ghost remains – Mine & Castle Ruins
  • Love potion – Starscale blossom – Mine
  • Aphrodisiac – Hell-hound fang – Castle Ruins
  • Power Boost – Moonlight ore – Mine
  • Invincibility – Banshee crystal – Castle Ruins
  • Viper Venom – Pitch dragon’s egg – Castle Ruins

What Can Be Found at each Dungeon

Prarie (Easy): Herbs, honey blossom, dew drop, azurea blossom, suite potato, five leaf clover, cerbird’s wing

Forrest (Easy): Beehive, forrest grapes, St jane’s wart, sandalwood, bark, golden apple, darksteel, honey

Catacombs (Medium): Weird bone, dried reed grass, black lump, snake skin, spirit shell, land orca steak

Mine (Hard): halite, torch fuel, umbral gem, star scale blossom, moonlight ore, armour fragment

Castle Ruins (Hard): ghost remains, hell-hound fang, banshee crystal, pitch dragon’s egg, lament of the dead

Unlocking the Outlands

To unlock the outlands you need to defeat a legendary monster. Legendary monsters spawn on ‘horde’ days only at the prairie. You have to take 90+ steps to encounter one. You get $100,000 for taking one down!

Items for Alley

Physical health – Cerbird’s Wing

Physical energy – Darksteel honey

Physical attack – land orca steak

Physical defence – Armour fragment

Something else (extra steps) – lament of the dead


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7 thoughts on “‘The Bell Chimes for Gold’ (Otome) Guide

  1. Thank you for the guide. Question though – if you want to romance one bachelor, do you have to stick with that character for all dungeon types? Or can you switch bodyguards between dungeons and still focus on the one bachelor? Thanks!

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    1. No worries! You can switch bodyguards between dungeons, your progression with a bachelor is only influenced on whether you pay their debt or not 🙂


  2. While out on an adventure if you see a little bomb/ghost guy, hover over him to disarm him and save yourself 5 hp. See a set of white wings, hover them to spend 10 stamina and move 10 steps. See a blue mermaid, hover over her to get 5 extra steps at no cost to you. These last two are really helpful when trying to get to the big boss and unlock that special dungeon.

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