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Erick Walkthrough ~ Loved by King Bs

Day7 has released the sequel to Marked by King Bs, which is called Loved By King Bs! As mentioned in my first impressions post, the game is set at the beginning of university where all the characters have enrolled into different courses at different places. Our MC is dating Ashton, however there are some issues with the relationship and she is growing closer to her other male friends.  There are 25 chapters in the story + an ending chapter, there’s also a bunch of extra features where you can see stories from in-between the first game and this one.

If you have any questions just comment down below, and I’ll help you as best I can!

Walkthroughs:  AshtonWilliam – Erick – ZackNicholasJoel


Thank you Niqueenfam!!

  • Uhm…what did I say…?
  • Uhm…what would I have done…may I ponder for a minute…?
  • I’m actually really dim-witted…
  • …but did you know? Even my future is very dark…
  • You mean…you were the one nagging, not me, right?
  • Lay down and sleep (*must choose for illustration!)
  • A girl, who makes a big fuss…
  • Keep on pretending I’m sick (*must choose for illustration!)
  • Do you know that you beat a grudge more than I thought?


I have to say, out of all the routes I’ve played so far, Erick’s felt like the most natural continuation from breaking up with Ashton. There is something quite endearing about this guy, he’s got a sharp tongue but he genuinely cares for our MC, he’s just been hurt one too many times. Erick is an example of a tsundere done right, a little awkward about their feelings, says things they don’t mean but not so harsh that it’s bullying and nasty. I hope you all enjoy romancing Erick as much as I did!


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