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Zack Walkthrough ~ Loved by King Bs

Hello! I’m sorry this took a me a while to get around to, with quitting my job and getting ready to go to Japan, I haven’t had to chance to play the game. But now I’m back! To quickly recap, Loved by King Bs is a sequel to Day7’s super popular game ‘Marked by King Bs’. The game follows our MC as she enters university, meets new people and faces heart break. The last two boys’ walkthroughs will be released next week!

Walkthroughs:  AshtonWilliamErick – Zack – NicholasJoel


Thank you for your help Niqueenfam!

  • Troubling me…? I guess…there is…
  • Yup…I mean it
  • I didn’t know, but you’re a real nagger!
  • Whatever!!! You can punish me all you want!
  • Sign the ball myself (*must choose to get illustration!)
  • It’s not Joel’s fault…He did this because he was worried…
  • Yes. Let’s drink….together…(*must choose to get illustration!)
  • …I don’t understand
  • No…I will only receive your heart…


I was so excited to play Zack’s route as he’s my usual ‘type’ of guy, and I definitely wasn’t disappointed. Zack is a bit distant but he’s got a heart of gold and always goes above and beyond to help the people he cares about. However, besides going on dates, in the common story he doesn’t get as much screen time! I would have liked to see him interact with the other boys a little bit more. But he was still a lot of fun!!


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  1. For some reason, I really want her to end up with Zack. And the patting normal date with Zack is my favorite and I really find it really romantic. I want to be his Mafia. LOL

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