I’m Heading to Tokyo!

Hello everyone! Boy, do I have some exciting news. By the time you are reading this, I’ll be up in the air heading to Tokyo. This post is just a quick note to let you all know what will be happening with my blog while I’m exploring.

So first up I will be finishing off my ‘Loved by King Bs’ walkthroughs, I’ve just go two to go and am planning on releasing them on Monday and Wednesday I know these walkthroughs have taken me forever and a day, I just wanted to play the game slowly and really enjoy it rather than speeding through for the sake of the walkthrough! Thank you everyone for being patient with me!

Secondly, while in Japan I will be trying to post about my travels on both this blog and my general travel blog. My general travel blog is more for me to show my family and friends what I’m doing, so I try to keep it a little separate from this one. So my plan is cultural / nature stuff will go into my general travel blog and otaku/ otome adventures will go into his blog. I’ll also be ‘reblogging’ the stuff from my general travel blog over here, so you can still look at it if you want to!! I’ll also be posting pictures and videos about my trip on my Instagram and Twitter – make sure to follow them~

Finally, just a small note that after my trip ends (1 May) I am planning on taking a 1 week break from my blog. In the last month I have felt incredibly burnt out from blogging and want to step away before it gets too bad. Thank you for your understanding and after my break, I’ll be back with more awesome content!



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