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Nicholas Walkthrough ~ Loved by King Bs

Hello! You’ll probably see in yesterday’s post that I am currently in Japan! Thankfully on the train trip to Tokyo CBD I had the chance to play through the final two routes.To quickly recap, Loved by King Bs is a sequel to Day7’s super popular game ‘Marked by King Bs’. The game follows our MC as she enters university, meets new people and faces heart break.

Walkthroughs:  AshtonWilliamErick Zack – Nicholas – Joel


Thank you for your help Niqueenfam!

  • Nico’s uniform…! It’s different!
  • Does that mean I don’t like Nico? I didn’t know that~ ^^
  • I thought about Nico a tiny bit, and thought of the weather this ~ much!
  • It’s like a cute boy raising a cute child
  • Go find new rubber gloves (* must choose to get illustration!)
  • Order an ice-cream (*must choose to get illustration!)
  • The cloud looks like Nico!
  • Wow I like him! So sexy!
  • Hmmm…should I share my energy!?


I’m usually super hesitant about romancing younger guys. I just tend to gravitate to older romance options, so Nicholas’ route was a bit out of my comfort zone. I did struggle to break from seeing the MC as an older sister figure for Nicholas buy by the ending I was really rooting for them to get together. Out of all the routes I’ve played this one may have had the slowest romance build, but it was still really enjoyable!


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