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Joel Walkthrough ~ Loved by King Bs

Hello! I’m back with the final walkthrough for Loved by King Bs. I’ve absolutely loved this game, I still can’t believe how many extra features the game included. I can’t wait to see what incredible game Day7 puts out next. To quickly recap, Loved by King Bs is a sequel to Day7’s super popular game ‘Marked by King Bs’. The game follows our MC as she enters university, meets new people and faces heart break.

Walkthroughs:  AshtonWilliamErick Zack – Nicholas – Joel


Thank you for your help Niqueenfam!

  • Right! Congee or congestion, you feel lighter now anyways!
  • Yup~ Joel is always welcomed.
  • Oh no…I feel very sad
  • Tiptoeing once more for the book (*must choose for illustration!)
  • Yes! You look like one!
  • Go buy some milk and bread (*must choose for illustration!)
  • You are already…
  • Yeah…do brag!
  • I hope it comes out on the test!


As adorable as Joel is, I did struggle to get through his route. I think the main issue was the way he spoke, it was like text speak – he would said ‘ai’ for ‘I’ and it was just odd. Although in saying that Joel’s route had the most beautiful CGs out of all them!!!


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