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Earl & Celina Walkthrough ~Love Tangle – Shall We Date?

The next set of love interests has been released for Love Tangle. This time we are romancing hacker Earl and cafe owner Celina. Earl’s route has been released first but I’m actually super excited for Celina, I think she’s the first female route SWD has done? I’ll be updating this walkthrough as I go through. If you know the correct answers or have any questions please feel free to comment down below!!

Earl’s super early bird ends 23 May and early bird ends 30 May

Earl Walkthrough

  • The song from this morning
  • It’s not Celina’s fault
  • I brought it for you
  • All right
  • Why?
  • I’d fight bad hackers
  • See how Earl reacts

Chapter 5

  • Sorry, but I’m worried (Best)
  • It’s not needless worry (Best)

Chapter 6

  • Earl wouldn’t hurt anyone (Best)
  • I can’t yet (Best)

Chapter 7

  • Thanks (Best)
  • There’s a lot I don’t (Best)

Chapter 8

  • Thanks for coming (Best)

Celina Walkthrough

  • A romantic song
  • Celina’s performance was wonderful
  • Am I being a nuisance?
  • For what?
  • No way!
  • I’d want to spy and find secrets
  • See how Celina reacts

Chapter 5

  • Somebody special (Best)
  • If you insist (Best)

Chapter 6

  • You’re important to me (Best)
  • Thanks for saving me (Best)

Chapter 7

  • A deeper relationship? (Best)
  • It might be (Best)

Chapter 8

  • Tell me what’s wrong (Best)


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