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What’s Happening with ‘The Ssum’? An Update

In mid-March this year Cheritz announced a rather ambitious project called ‘The Ssum’. The game is being marketed as the chance to have a relationship for pretty much forever with 2D babe ‘Teo’. The game was initially slated to be released on the 31 March 2018, leading to many fans worried it was actually an April Fools joke. However the game is very real! Unfortunately, just before the fated day, Cheritz released a notice saying that the game would be delayed. Almost 2 months later, we still have had no news about any plans for the game to be released world wide. I just wanted to do a quick post on what’s been happening so far with The Ssum and perhaps some ideas about its future.

The Ssum release information.png

Following on from the game’s delay, Cheritz released the game’s opening MV. The MV doesn’t give many hints on the game’s content but does hint at a similar game mechanic to Mystic Messenger with text messaging and receiving photos. The game also received a ‘soft launch’ in Malaysia and India, with 14 days of content which began on the 4th April. No extra content has been added since. Unfortunately with the lack of news, hype for ‘The Ssum’ has slowly died down, many Twitter and Tumblr posts are just reaction pictures of when the game will be released (of which I have done many!). On the 16 April, Cheritz announced the localisation of Mystic Messenger to Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan, this has not been without its issues with store service. As the Cheritz team is incredibly small it is understandable that they can only focus on one project at the time.

The ssum cheritz Teo.png

So what about ‘The Ssum’? Personally I don’t think the game will be released any time soon. The Ssum’s official website still lists the release date as the end of March and the Facebook page has not been updated since the 30 March to announce the delay. To be honest, the websites look abandoned. Over the last week it has also been announced that one of Chertiz’s developers and the voice talents behind Mystic Messenger will be attending Otakon. Otakon will be run 10-12 August 2018. As the Mystic Messenger cast will be heading over, I’m sure Cheritz will want to direct attention to that game rather than slotting in another game just before the convention. If I’m wrong, I’ll happily eat my words, but for the moment it looks like any fans excited for the Ssum have a long wait ahead of them.

Update 1: During Otakon 2018, Cheritz announced that The Ssum should be released at the end of 2018.

The ssum site.jpeg


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