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Frederick Grey Walkthrough ~ Lost Alice (Shall We Date?)

Click here for Aldo’s route! A new trio has been announced for Lost Alice – the underground city. The trio starts off with Frederick Grey, the dormouse, who you may have seen in the Grimm trio! I’m not really sure how romantic it is gonna be romancing a character who falls asleep everywhere, but let’s see how it goes! Frederick’s style is the spade style. Super early bird ends of the 5 June and comes with a cute chibi Frederick and super premium pic if you complete destined love.  Early bird ends on the 12 June. After Frederick, the next babe will be Aldo Bardi.

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Special: The Sweetest Pleasure Spin Off

A Sweet Night with my Love Spin Off

Lost Alice Frederick Grey Dormouse Walkthrough.jpg


Chapter 1

  • Hey, wake up! (Best)
  • Is the situation worse above ground? (Best)

Chapter 2

  • I let him sleep (Best)
  • It was the waiter (Best)

Chapter 3

  • I’m always going to be me (Best)
  • Of course, I want to go! (Best)

Chapter 4

  • I wouldn’t want to get in your way (Best)
  • In that case, I refuse to go (Best)

Chapter 5

  • What makes you think that? (Best)
  • Don’t you want to sleep peacefully? (Best)

Chapter 6

  • You might be right (Best)
  • Do you enjoy sleeping? (Best)

Chapter 7

  • You are Frederick’s friend, right? (Best)
  • …I can’t help thinking (Best)

Chapter 8

  • Do you always do this? (Best)
  • Why now? (Best)

Chapter 9

  • … (Best)
  • We have permission too see him (Best)

Chapter 10

  • …hold on (Best)
  • Stop them (Best)

Chapter 11

  • There’s still hope for Frederick! (Best)
  • Why can’t I go? (Best)

Chapter 12

  • You’ll be fine, right? (Best)
  • You stayed with me the whole time? (Best)

Chapter 13

  • Don’t do anything reckless again (Best)
  • Not really (Best)


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