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Hui Hai Walkthrough ~ Lost in Secular Love

After a great amount of anticipation, ‘Lost in Secular Love’ has finally be released in English. Set in Ancient China, you play a young woman whose noble house has fallen into disrepair. Your mother, worrying for your future, has organised for you to marry a monk at a famous temple. Once you arrive at the temple you meet the three monks – but which one will steal your heart? The game is currently on sale for $7 on Steam (regular price $10). I know a lot of players have concerns about the translation quality, but lemme tell you, it is top notch! Hui Hai’s route was my first play through and I only saw a few mistakes, but nothing too awful. Over the next few days I’ll post the other two walkthroughs, and, at the end of the week I will be posting a review for the whole game, so keep a look out.


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Common Route

Chapter 2

  • Meditation hall – I better give her to him
  • Garden – Cover it up
  • Guest hall – Actually…
  • Gate

Chapter 3

  • Library – change the topic
  • Guest Hall – to be honest…
  • Warehouse – But they are still good…
  • Main Hall
  • Library

Good End

Chapter 4

  • Don’t you mind going along with a woman?

Chapter 5

  • Garden + Dining hall

Chapter 6

  • Guest hall + main hall

Chapter 7

  • No…I don’t

Chapter 8 

  • YunXin house + dining hall
  • Ask him to let go angrily

Chapter 9

  • It had to be

Bad End

Chapter 4

  • Sure

Chapter 5

  • Guest Hall + meditation hall

Chapter 6

  • Dining hall + garden

Chapter 7

  • No…I don’t.

Chapter 8

  • Warehouse + Garden
  • Push him away in disappointment

Chapter 9


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