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A New Life & A Chance for Romance ~ Golden Hour Demo Review

Being in high school is hard, but what’s even harder is starting a brand new school in a new country! Meet our adorable MC, who has just done both! After her mother takes a job in the Phillipines, MC enrols into Ayara school on Haraya Island. Besides quickly adjusting to her new school life, MC is also working towards her dream of being a photographer – first step winning a certain photo essay competition! Hopefully the four dreamy guys she meets at her new school will help her towards her goals and not serve as an eye catching distraction! Matchaa Studios, the developers, have released a demo of the game along with their kickstarter. The demo takes players through the first two days of MC’s new life, and shows us all the unique social media features that come with it.

Golden Hour Otome guys.png

Although there is only 2 days worth of content, there is a lot of story to get through! Fans of Mystic Messenger will be used to playing a game that has a ‘timed’ feeling, and while each day in this game is divided into hours – you can play as much or as little as you want in your own time. Essentially – no more 3am wake ups to talk to babe. The four guys you can romance all seem to be quite interesting, usually I feel a bit awkward playing otome set in a high school setting as I feel a bit like a cradle snatcher, but the characters were quite endearing. Although, my favourite part of the game so far is the female friends MC makes. It’s really refreshing to see girls just being normal friends in an otome game, rather than back stabbing one another just to get the guy.

The stand out feature of the game is front page interface. Here you can look at images, check character profiles, scroll through the school manual and most impressively, look at the Ayara links. the Ayara links is pretty much like Facebook, characters post pictures or status updates and you can tap to see comments/ reactions. Throughout the game you can also receive and send text messages to characters. It would have been really cool to have the option to upload your own photos / select text message options – but what it is at the moment is still pretty fun!

I’m very excited to see the full game when it is released in February 2019. The developers have planned for the game to be free to play, but supporters of their kickstarter get a bunch of really awesome rewards like access to a special forum, access to a walkthrough and access to exclusive ‘backer only’ chapters. So make sure to support the kickstarter over here! The game has already reached its goal, but it’ll be so awesome to see some of those stretch goals happen!!