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‘As we know it’ ~ A Unique Post-Apocalyptic Romance

‘As we know it’ is an upcoming visual novel by Scribble Games. The game is set in a post-apocalyptic landscape where sand storms ravage the earth. Our MC and her mother have been welcomed into an underground haven. The game follows MC’s life as she adapts to a life of safety, forms friendships and maybe even finds romance. There are four romance-able options – 2 male and 2 female. The game also features some customisation options allowing players to change skin tone and hair colour. So far the demo has been released which contain 3 weeks of MC’s life. The full game is expected to be released in January 2019.

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The game does not feature any stat raising besides your ‘standing’ with the community and how stressed you are. But you can measure you progress with other characters friendship and romance wise. Like most visual novels there are a choices that will form your experience, some are more important that others. For example one of the main choices in the demo is choosing where you want to work. You can also choose what to do in your spare time. The game does feature some very interesting characters from the anti-social Jude to the mysterious and cool Eva. The music is nice and there’s heaps of detail in each background image.

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I have to admit after my play through I was a bit confused on how things work. In the ‘extras’ section of the demo each character has 3 unlock able CGs. I wasn’t sure if this was for the demo or the full game as after playing through all the routes a few times I couldn’t unlock any CGs. In fact, I couldn’t get higher than 1 ‘heart’ on the romance meter. I was just a little confused about how everything was working, and ended up playing a few more times than I needed to, in case I missed something. Another, somewhat smaller issue, was I noticed when two characters were on the screen there was a lot of space between them. I would have preferred for the sprites to be bigger, rather than have so much space looking at the background image.

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Overall, I did enjoy the demo. The developer has promised numerous branching paths on a story of chaos and paranoia. The demo only very briefly touched on these issues with a hint here and there, so I’m not entirely sure what the final product will look like. I would have also liked to have seen a CG or two in the demo. But overall it seems quite interesting. You can support the game over at Kickstarter – there’s just a few days left and they’ve almost hit their goal!


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