5 Anime Blogging Tips to Keep You Motivated!

Recently I’ve seen a few anime bloggers talk about the community, mainly how it seems to be ‘dying’. There seems to be a few reasons for this, first up many new bloggers tend to quit in the first three months of blogging as they’re not pulling in the followers/ views they hoped for. The second is that a few bloggers who have been around a while have either been on hiatus/ completely quit blogging altogether. This seems to have created a generally ‘disillusion’ within the blogging community, some creators are frustrated with others who are not participating strongly in the community and others just feel like there’s nothing to participate in at all.

Obviously I can’t speak for the last point on fixing disillusionment, but I’d like to provide a few tips for bloggers who feel they need to kick-start their creative juices!

Stats are great, until they’re depressing


A few months ago I was really down about my blogging, my stats had taken a sharp decline and my follower numbers weren’t as high as I hoped. I went on a forum to ask for some advice and someone gave me a bitter pill to swallow – and it helped. They essentially said “if you want likes or followers, go post on Facebook, your blog should be for your enjoyment”. I understand that for many of you reading this, your blog is both a hobby and perhaps a dream full time job – so stats do matter. But when you first start out, focus on creating content that you enjoy. If you become too focused on stats, you’ll burn out. Another bitter pill to swallow – no one turns into a site like Anime News Networks overnight. Your stats are going to be quite low for quite awhile, it takes time to be noticed. How to be noticed? Write content that you enjoy, and I’m sure others will enjoy it too!

Contact someone for a collab!


Many bloggers have talked about the importance of engaging with other blogger’s content through reading and commenting on posts. I’d like to go a step further and suggest reaching out to bloggers who admire to start collaborations. Collaborations are an awesome way to get to know a fellow blogger and even expand your writing/experiences. I haven’t done nearly as many collaborations as I would like, but the few that I have, have been incredible learning experiences. It’s always a great boost to talk with another creative and work together on something you can be proud of!

Start your own project


Ok, perhaps not knitting, but a really great way to start blogging again is to start a project. Choose something you’re interested in and create a series of posts around it, it could honestly be anything, from a series of posts comparing historical anime to actual history to a series of posts ranking the cutest four legged animals in anime. It’s really up to you, choose a pet project, and make something you can be proud of!

Don’t treat blogging like a chore


My hiatuses are always caused by me burning out, I burn out because I feel like I ALWAYS have to put out content. But bloggers are people, not machines. Sometimes life gets in the way and other times you don’t just feel like writing, and that’s ok. Don’t force yourself to write when you don’t want to write, adjust blog post scheduling around you (don’t adjust yourself to scheduling) and take breaks when needed. Your blog will always be there to come back to!

Don’t get competitive!


It’s easy to look at another blog and get envious about their success. Sometimes that very bitter envy may even take a nasty form and that’s when you have to stop yourself! You don’t know what goes on behind the scenes of someone else’s blog – the time and effort they dedicate to it. Look at their blog for tips and tricks to improve your own, but don’t get upset or angry about their progress compared to yours. Re-direct that energy into your own blog!!

I really hoped that these three quick tips have helped new and even older bloggers! As wonderful and fun as blogging is, at times it can be a strain to maintain. Whether or not the community is ‘dying’, I won’t comment on, but there are always individuals who are there to help when you need it. Everyone is very friendly and just an email or twitter DM away!

67 thoughts on “5 Anime Blogging Tips to Keep You Motivated!

  1. These are some really great tips. I’ve faced many of the problems you described and I think I’ve tried all of these tips as ways to stay motivated but it’s nice to see it spelled out like this.

    I have my own opinions on the state of the community but the lesson you learned yourself and pointed out in this article is crucial: Blogging should be for your enjoyment. If you’re not having fun because you’re putting so much effort into arbitrary goals, then something has gone wrong and you should reevaluate.

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  2. I wholeheartedly agree about blogging being for enjoyment and not as a chore. Before I would always try to write something at least once a week, but it got to a point where life got busy and I was getting frustrated with my quality because I was comparing myself to other bloggers. That’s why I rather choose to write when I feel the most inspired to write. There’s less pressure on me to create content that way

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  3. Always good to see someone offering advice to bloggers. I’m just wondering why people think the community is dying. That just seems really weird given how many great people there are online to talk to.

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  4. Fantastic post I wish I had written jealous!!! Kidding. I know that bloggers can get discouraged, especially at first. I have tried to write a few posts about it myself but I really love this one. It should be required blogger reading. Im gonna retweet it

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  5. I read this post after Irina retweeted it, so you should definitely say thanks! Ha, ha! Anyway, it was a great post! I’ve just got back into blogging after a five year long hiatus and it’s been kind of tough. I love writing and definitely don’t do it for the likes or anything like that, but it can still be discouraging when you put so much effort into writing something and only a handful of people read it. I’ll try to bear your tips and tricks in mind in future!

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    1. Haha! Thank you!! Irina is incredible ❤ ! Yes it definitely can be disappointing, I remember writing a massive post that was my pride and joy and only received 2 likes, I was disappointed at first but I had to stop the disappointment taking away my pride at the post!


  6. I’m somewhat plugged in on Twitter to the anime blogging community, and it is indeed a bit of a challenge for bloggers who are a few years into their journey to find the motivation to continue when things look discouraging. Being an older part of that community (I’ve been writing about anime for over a decade and my current blog is six-and-a-half years old), I will vouch for each of your five points because they work.

    The two points I would most strongly suggest to all of my fellow bloggers are to not worry about regular content and just write when one is inclined to write. When you’re inspired, you tend to put out your best work. I personally will almost always write about an event, like a vacation or hanging out with friends, or even after I’ve tried some food I don’t usually eat. The second point is not to compete with other bloggers or worry about stats. For me, if I could reach ten readers who then liked my writing, that’s already a win. I’m not just saying this, either: these techniques have kept my place up for six and a half years, after all!

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    1. Oh wow 6 and a half years is incredible!! Thank you so much! Yes definitely, sometimes I feel like I had to specifically change my content to fit my audience so I won’t write about things that I’m excited about like going out with friends, forgetting that I write first and foremost for myself!


    2. Pfft junior, try 9 years bouncing on and off WP. Nah, just kidding. Congrats on 6 and a half yrs, that is longer than most, keep it up!. Strange enough, even though I haven’t “technically” been blogging consistently as you, we roughly started around the same time 07/08. Basically we’ve been around the blogging scene for at least a decade.

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  7. Thank you, I really needed this advice. I started a blog to talk about stuff I love doing like reading or watching anime but sometimes I forget it and it feels like a job when it is not supposed to be that way. Nice post ❤

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  8. Love the tips. Yeah I get the whole feeling pressure to put something out mostly because I promised myself that I would do a blog post every week this year except for January, thinking back on it wasn’t such a great idea but I wouldn’t have written as much as I have if I didn’t set myself the goal and I have written some interesting post I have to admit, but I’m also feeling a like burnout as well but’s that because of work, school, youtube, the dentist and other problems but it’s nice to see how much I’ve written. Also how should I ask to colab with someone?

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    1. Thank you!! Yes it can definitely be a tough balance. Usually to approach someone for a collab I send them a Twitter DM or an email with my collab idea and asking if they’d be interested :)!

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  9. I think all of these tips are lovely and most people unfortunately never really try and get involved with other bloggers. It’s so much fun to see what the community is doing and if you aren’t engaging and reading and liking and commenting you’re shooting yourself in the foot. Friends are wonderful and bloggers need them, especially if they want to build a strong community.

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  10. As someone who just started the whole blogging thing as a hobby I totally agree with everything you just said in your post. For sure it would be nice to make a living out of blogging about anime and stuff that you are passionate about in general but if you look at it like you look at a chore I think it defeats the whole purpose of talking about something you like. Great post and thanks for the useful advice!

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    1. Oh thank you, that’s very sweet of you to say. I’d just say keep writing and writing, the more you do it the easier it’ll be. Also read other blog posts in your field to get ideas on what to write and expand your vocab.

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    1. I think when you first start out blogging, you feel a lot of pressure to quickly put out content. Just try to relax a bit, and the ideas will come to you naturally. Only write when you feel like it, and don’t make it feel like a chore. Personally my best ideas come either just before I go to sleep or when I read other people’s work. So follow a diverse range of blogs and read some of their posts to get some new ideas!

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  11. I have interest in science but I started writing blogs for the purpose of enhancing my writing skills in English by making creative stories of my own. Should I concentrate on Science or on English?????


    1. Since it’s your own blog you should feel comfortable to put whatever you are interested on it. For example my blog has a bit of everything that I like – manga, anime, games and even some food and travel things. Don’t limit yourself. Especially if you are trying to enhance your writing skills, you’ll have more fun writing if you’re writing something you’re interested in!

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  12. Thanks for the tips. I was actually depressed about my blog not getting any views. But you know what did I do to get rid of that depression?? Watch anime!! *-*
    Thanks again!
    ~ Pallav


  13. You know I was actually depressed about not getting views in my blog. But you know what did I do to get rid of it?? Watched anime *-* for me it’s the ultimate way to get red of any kind of depression.
    Anyway, thanks for the post.


  14. This is great advice I’m a book blogger but I love posting any anime, gaming or manga news. And I think this helps to keep bloggers that are really just starting out like me to keep a realistic but hopeful take on anime blogging.

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  15. Although I am looking to turn my blog into my business, it is truly my dream job. I am getting to that stage of feeling a little frustrated especially growing my mailing list…which has been an absolute fail. But you are right and I have to be patient and keep posting content I am passionate about rather than seeking fame, etc.

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    1. Unfortunately I don’t have any experience building mailing lists, but if you go on the reddit blogging subreddit, there’s lots of helpful information over there 🙂 ! All the best with your blog


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