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My Magical Demon Lover ~ Full Review ~ It Feels so Good to be Bad!

Way back in February this year I promoted the IndieGoGo campaign of an upcoming BL game. That game was ‘My Magical Demon Lover’, and I’m very pleased to announce the game was launched at the end of May! Yaoi Press Games was kind enough to give me a review copy of the game, and so I present to you my full review of this sexy magical boys love dating sim! In the game you play as Tristan, a young bartender whose famous grandfather has finally given him the opportunity to become a magician. However learning magic is far from what it looks like at Hogwarts. Tristan must bond with one of three demons, essentially trading sexy times for spells. But will Tristan’s relationship with the demon just remain ‘business’ or will he fall for his hot as hell partner.

My Magical Demon Lover Percival Yaoi Press Games Demo

Quick Info

Where to buy?  Itch.Io , MangaGamer & Steam (Must be logged in to view) – $10 USD

Number of Romance Options: 3 guys, 10 endings all together

My play through order:  Harse –> Karn –> Soren (but order doesn’t matter!)

Time Per Route: 1 – 1.5 hours max

Total Play Time: ~ 4 hours (max)

my magical demon lover review soren CG.png

The game is a visual novel, where players can choose dialogue options, Tristan’s thoughts and the ways he uses magic. All of this will influence how Tristian’s bond with his chosen demon develops and how great a wizard he will become. Each demon has a unique personality which is reflected through their sexy time scenes with Tristan. Harse is soft and loving whereas Karn is harsh and enjoys inflicting pain, it’s easy to choose which route you’d like to enjoy so if one of the demons is not really up to your taste you can avoid him. But overall I loved each of the demon’s routes!

One of my favourite parts of the game was learning about the other demons in different routes. For example, in Harse’s route when Tristan hears his backstory, you also get a little bit of an insight into Karn and even Percival’s demon lover. It was just a small thing but it really added to the story, creating a world of demons and their history outside of Tristan’s immediate surround. I also have to praise the writing, there was a perfect balance between serious moments and times to slot in a few jokes. The sexy time scenes never felt awkward to read, you could really ‘feel’ the connection between Tristan and his demon.

My Magical Demon lover yaoi press games Karn.png

There are only two things that perhaps could make the game even better. The first is quite small, I’d love to have a CG gallery. After playing games I enjoy going back and looking at pictures, at the moment the only way to re-see CGs is either screenshot them or re-play the route. My other issue is that for each route the general structure was very similar, with the only difference being the sexy time scnes. I would have liked to have seen each route have different stories overall rather than the same story done with just different romance partners.

Overall I really enjoyed the game. As I’ve said, the story and writing was pretty fantastic, and you can see from the CGs, the art is lovely. For fans who are expecting the sexy times scenes to be very graphic I’d recommend checking out Yaoi Press’ other game ‘To Trust an Incubus‘, sexy times in this game are good but don’t show everything. This game is particularly good for BL fans who are just starting out their BL journey and would like to enjoy something a little bit more smutty, but not overly so. You can check out Yaoi Press’ website, Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr and Instagram!

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