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MangaGamer Boys Love Sale!? Let’s Review What’s Avaliable!

Manga Gamer is currently holding their Summer Sale from 12th June to the 26th. There’s quite a range of games on sale from regular VNs to yuri, BL and hentai games. Since I’ve purchased and played the two BL games that are on sale, I thought I’d write a quick review for fans who are on the fence on whether to jump on the reduced prices. I hope you find this helpful! The links included are affiliate links so Two Happy Cats will get a (very) small commission if you purchase through them. These funds will help keep my site running and bring brand spanking new content to it!

No, Thank You!

I purchased ‘No,Thank you!’ way back in August of last year, I was a bit cheeky and bought the limited edition which came with the game, CD and an art book. in the game you play as Haru, a young man who has amnesia after saving someone from a car crash. The man who Haru saves offers him a job and a place to stay until he gets back on his feet. Haru then begins working at a bar/ detective agency, with four gorgeous guys. Since buying the game last August, I have completed two of the four available routes. The key feature of the game is the use of the ‘no, thank you!’ button which can force Haru into action and drastically change the game.

No thank you haru and hiroyuki CG.jpg

After playing half of the game, I have to say I’m really enjoying it. The art is absolutely gorgeous, and the option to select the amount of body hair seen is quite fun. My first play through was a wild ride, I was immediately drawn to Maki and his butt and from there was hooked on the game. Another great part of the game is the ability to save voiced lines, sometimes it’s really nice to re-listen to heated confessions, or heck even Haru screaming ‘Oppai!’ (boobies!). Perhaps my only issue with the game is that while there is a great plot, it’s often overshadowed by the sexy times, which happen quite frequently. The plot is so good, you just want to get back to it! I definitely recommend getting this game, especially at the price that it is being offered at during this sale! 4/5

You can purchase ‘No, Thank You!’ over here, it is currently $19.95, that’s 50% off!

Hadaka Shitsuji

Ahh where to start with this game…? So ‘Hadaka Shitsuji’ is the game that really taught me to read reviews before purchasing the game. Not that it is a bad game at all, it’s just targeted to a very specific type of BL fan and unfortunately I don’t fit into that group. In the game you play as a young man who applies for a job house sitting at a mansion. It’s probably the best gig ever as not only does he get paid to sit around all day, a team of handsome butlers will answer to his every need. The game goes over a one month period, and the aim of the game is not to be all lovey dovey with your butler babe, but rather to torture him as much as possible.

Hadaka Shitsuji Review Komine CG.png

There are five romanceable dudes, I’ve currently played through three of them. The final two routes I have not played are the ‘true’ route and one I just don’t feel comfortable playing at all. The graphics are again quite lovely, but they do feel a little bit dated compared to the sharp clean images of ‘No, Thank You!’. There’s a crazy amount of CGs available, I would guess about 30 per route, not even including side character pictures. There’s also a bunch of mini-routes you can play, and more endings than you can count. The game includes a check list of the endings completed so you know which ones you are missing. I know this review of this game seems a little bit of a cop out, I just felt really uncomfortable playing some of the scenes and am struggling to be unbiased as I write this. Overall I’d give this game a 2.5/5, like I said it is really targeted to a certain group of BL fans.

You can purchase ‘Hadaka Shitsuji’ over here, it is currently $26.71, a 25% discount!

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