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Reviewing Cannerian Tale ~ Day 7’s Adorable Chibi World

A month ago, Day7 released a game slightly different from their usual repertoire. ‘Cannerian Tale’ is a casual time-based growing game. The game introduces us to the secret land of ‘Kriyani’, a land filled with wonderful chibi creatures called Cannerians. The population is quite small, but have begun to open themselves to humans, selecting a few special ones they call ‘adopters’ to help bring new Cannerians into the world. You have been one of the lucky few to be chosen as one! Let’s have a look at how your Cannerian journey will go.

There are three main components to ‘Cannerian Tale’, hatching, adventures and the town. Hatching is where you buy cans ranked from 1 – 5 to introduce new Cannerians to the world. These Cannerians then show up in the town where they hang out, or you can send them on adventures to get coins, gems or lottery tickets. In the town, Cannerians can pair up with one another to unlock unique stories about their life together. As you collect more of the same type of Cannerian you can unlock special stories about their life with you, and eventually a special illustration of them!

Cannerian Tale Day7 friends review.jpg

You all know how much I adore the game Mandrake Boys, so I was very excited when Day7 announced they would be releasing this game. I have to say, for the last two weeks or so that I’ve been playing I’ve really loved it. It’s really exciting to unlock new Cannerians, and even more so to finally get their illustration. As always, Day7 does incredible art work, and just playing it makes me wish that canneries could exist in real life. My only issue is that the game has a lot of pop up ads for their other games, which I can understand but they pop up very often and it gets a little frustrating. Especially when I’m tapping to hatch a Cannerian and then I get taken to the app store!

I recommend checking this game out if you want something simple to click through daily. It’s just nice and relaxing, no need to get stressed with rankings like in UtaPri and the stories are quite heart warming. The game is completely free and can be downloaded for both apple and android products. The creators are also very generous with gifts that can be acquired through daily missions, so it’s easy to get started with and play!

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